“The perfect mother doesn’t exist. The perfect you doesn’t exist. The only thing that does is exist are flawed human beings who are trying to raise flawed human beings. And, for this, we can give compassion first to ourselves and then to those we love knowing that perfection is never attainable; we are destined to be imperfect. And then we’ll sleep better at night knowing that tomorrow we’ll wake up perfectly imperfect all over again.” — Shawn Fink


The imperfect mom knows she’s made mistakes. Mistakes she can’t go back in time to fix. Mistakes she knows may outlive her. Mistakes she’ll take to her grave.

Those mistakes are hidden from the world in the way that you keep showing up, keep smiling, keep going. But you know about them. You remember them. They live on your skin like leeches wrapped in guilt.

You can smile all you want, but if you don’t believe you and all of your flaws and mistakes are made of light your shine will only go so far.

Without believing you are made to shine IN SPITE OF your mistakes, your light will dim.

The rebellious act of self-love lies not in anything you do, but in what you tell yourself.

  • Tell yourself you are made of star dust. And sometimes even stars fall.
  • Tell yourself you are made of dreams. And sometimes even dreams end.
  • Tell yourself you are made of glass. And sometimes even glass chips or breaks.
  • Tell yourself you are made of dandelion seeds. And seeds turn to weeds and weeds turn to wishes.
  • Tell yourself you are made of ribbon. And even ribbon unravels.
  • Tell yourself you are made of paper. And even paper rips, tears, burns and flies away.
  • Tell yourself you are made of metal. And even metal scratches, dents and crumbles.

So then … tell yourself you are made of strength. Strength never fades are dies or withers away as long as we believe we are made of it.

This post is in honor of the women in my group coaching program, The Abundant Mama Peace Circle, who are focused on self-love and self-compassion this month. 

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