We all yearn for a feeling of balance and bliss.

I call it being peacefully productive.

We want to stay in forward motion and get things done, but we don’t want to end up in a tailspin of negative energy and burnout.

One of the big reasons behind any mom’s feelings of resentment — you know, that Land of Bitter and Sour — that many moms end up feeling is the sheer fact that we don’t know how to set clear, compassionate boundaries.

Is this you?

Are you someone who says yes to too many things — too many projects? Too many events? Too many conversations with people who zap your energy?

Without setting boundaries, our time and energy are depleted quickly and without much thought.

In this week’s podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m talking and giving some real Abundant Mama wisdom on the topic of boundary setting.

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A Powerful Tip for Setting Boundaries in Motherhood

Highlights in this Episode

  • What are boundaries
  • When to set boundaries
  • Who needs boundaries in their life
  • Setting values to stay focused on what matters most
  • Exercise in setting boundaries

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The Mindful Mama Philosophy Coaching Exercise

The Abundant Mama Project Online Program

3 Questions to Help You Set Boundaries


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