Now and then we turn this space over to our Real Abundant Mamas so they can share their stories of transformation, connection to self and the power of our work together in our group coaching community, The Peace Circle. Today we are sharing Carla’s story and how she has learned to say YES to herself … Read more stories HERE.


I was mindlessly browsing the Internet late one evening in the summer of 2015 when I stumbled across The Abundant Mama Project eCourse and I immediately thought, THIS is for me.

I added my name to get on the waiting list for the next session, eagerly wishing I could begin that instant, which you now can do. I had to wait a few months and in the meantime, I received a “while you’re waiting email” asking me to consider my biggest strength.

Intuition is my superpower strength, I replied.

When I follow my intuition, I feel as though I am leading a charmed life. Even in the space of significant challenges, I can sustain the feeling that everything is going to be ok.

When I ignore that voice inside that provides me with impeccable guidance, I flounder. The time in my life when I was browsing the internet mindlessly, wasting days, weeks, significant periods of my life, I was struggling with overwhelm. My intuition was overwhelmed and so I did not listen.

While parenthood provided endless opportunities for fun, love, connection, I often got caught up in what wasn’t going well, the bickering, my constant need to control the situation, the endless pile of laundry.

Did you really just spill another glass of milk?

The words, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” reverberating in my head as I cleaned up spill number five, sighing deeply. Parenting my oldest daughter for 8 years and my youngest for 5 years left little time and energy to put toward a healthy relationship with my partner.

The Abundant Mama Program began and I could feel myself breathing again, sighing less, truly appreciating all of those little moments that make up a life.

I was not new to the idea of a gratitude practice, but this was the first time in my life that I have been able to sustain my gratitude practice for months on end.

I still take breaks every once in awhile from writing down snippets of my gratitude each day, but they are conscious breaks knowing that I will always make my way back.

After The Abundant Mama program, I was invited to be part of the year-long group coaching program, The Abundant Mama Peace Circle and again, in my heart and gut, I knew this was the right decision and so I joined not knowing exactly what I might experience. It was one of the best intuitive decisions I have made in my life. The AMP course gave me the tools to take care of myself, the Peace Circle has given me the ongoing support I need to jump fully into the person I am.

One of my favorite parts of the AMP course and the Peace Circle are the questions and journaling prompts that Shawn offers to us.

In the summer of 2016, around the time of the solstice, Shawn posted a prompt in our online forum, “Get two pieces of paper. On one, write what you need to let go of as we enter this new season and time in our lives. And on the other, write down what you hope/need to receive in the coming weeks and months.”

I followed the instructions, using words to answer the question.

Ten days earlier I had been on the bank of a river, with my nine year old daughter urging me into the water, “Come on, Mama, it’s not that cold!”

I had also been inspired by the Abundant Mama’s “Be a Yes Mama” course earlier that year — a 10-lesson bootcamp on SAYING YES more in your life. 

My daughter was asking me to swim with her in early June.

In the past, even in August, I often dipped my toes into the many beautiful rivers we live near. In that moment, I heard the yes bubble up within me. It took awhile for me to fully immerse myself in that first river of what later became a joyful summer river practice.

It was the combination of Shawn’s attention to the solstice and her yes eCourse that opened that way for me to find myself in the rivers that summer.







That’s when it all began for me.

On the banks of the Mattole River, I crafted a practice for myself that summer, my own version of a bucket list, to fully immerse myself into as many rivers possible.

Before the AMP course and joining the Peace Circle, I went through fits and spurts of caring for myself, of being me, of being brave, of speaking my truth.

I still choose and forget to take care of myself on occasion, feel overwhelmed, say yes when I mean no and vice a versa but the difference is now I have a soft place to land. I have a dedicated, caring, supportive community that is constantly holding space for me to find my way home, to be my best self, to take chances.

I might lose myself every once in awhile, but I find my way back to myself more quickly. When I sigh, it’s once or twice, not for an entire day. When I feel rage, it’s a candle flame, not an inferno.

Shawn and her work in the Abundant Mama Peace Circle group coaching tribe have created a way for mothers to learn to listen to themselves, to hone their intuitions, to hear the voice that matters the most, to celebrate and play, to enjoy life and find joy.

She has also created a community to support this personal growth, a place to fall apart, a place to come home. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this community.

Interested in starting YOUR Abundant Mama Journey? Download and print your Abundant Mama Self-Discovery Workbook right now. 

Carla lives with her family near the Redwoods along the Pacific Coast. She delights in the natural world, especially moon gazing, meteor showers, river swimming, and rain walks. She is an active member of The Abundant Mama group coaching tribe — The Peace Circle.

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