Welcome to 2018! We are so glad you are here to begin this new year with us. We know that is going to be amazing for our Abundant Mama Community! So much goodness in store all around. I wrote this for YOU. Just for you. Enjoy!


May the year ahead bring you delight and joy

in ways you never expected.

May the year ahead be good to you and yours.


May you live with intention and learn to embrace

the chaos and messes that motherhood tosses into the corners of our lives.

May the year ahead be filled with quiet adventures, joyful explorations and sweet snuggles.


May you create a home and family life that brings

peace, abundance and good health.

May the year ahead be filled with sunshine and less clutter in all your rooms.


May you feel worthy and loved in all that you do

for those you love and cherish.

May the year ahead offer you the appreciation, respect and support you deserve.


May you climb trees, play with toys and fill your own cup

with colorful soul care that nourishes you from the inside out.

May the year ahead open your eyes to the amazingness you hold inside of you.


May you dream big, live simply and trust yourself

to know what is best even in the hardest of hard moments.

May the year ahead bring you calm, ease and moments of surrender.


May you love deeply and be loved deeply and know love that

is both unconditional and deeper than the ocean.

May your year ahead be all that you hope it will be on this first day of this new year.



Photo by Carlos Domínguez on Unsplash

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