This time of year is loaded with societal norms and personal and family expectations that leave us forgetting what matters most.

Stay true to you.

You do you.

If you find yourself wrapped up in doing what everyone else wants or likes … it’s time to gift yourself the gift of PRESENCE.

I actually wrote this list for myself as I feel the pressures of this season, of the end of the year, of the looming new year and everything in between.

And so … let’s just all take a deep breath.

And get fully present together.

And focus on being true to ourselves.

Here’s your Mindful Holiday Checklist …

✔️Look Up — Often. Take a moment to just look up. Look up from this email. Look up to the sky and cloud gaze. Look up and find someone you care about. Just look up. And often.

✔️Savor — Use all 5 of your senses every single day.

✔️Practice less is more … because it is. Less is always the answer.

✔️Choose only easy. I started out my year with this mantra and then, as usual, I began to over-complicate again mid-year. So this is a reminder to just choose EASY.

✔️Lean in. Those you love only really need your full attention. That is the best gift you can give.

✔️Fill yourself up. You cannot give to others if you have nothing to give. So give yourself what you need. This is how we mother ourselves. Fill yourself up with so much goodness that goodness is pouring out of you.

✨✨✨✨Much love and light to you all ✨✨✨✨

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