This post: “A Manifesto for the Mom Whose Children Are All Finally in School” is the final post in our “A Thriving School Year” series. Read the rest of the series HERE.

As we put a close on this summer, I’m hit once again with the reality of what it’s like to have long stretches of time with the children being cared for and busy doing something else in their week.

I love being with them and spending time with them. And this summer we have had a total blast doing so many cool things like going to the beach, swimming, whale watching, tubing, boating and thrift shopping.

But I’m ready to return to routine, rituals and great periods of time to write, create and make things again.

But mostly I’m ready to find that sense of clarity that I long for in my life beyond motherhood.


The rite of passage for a mom whose children are go to school should be honored and celebrated.


It’s not just about the kids being in school and having free time.

It marks a new stage in your own motherhood journey. A new season.

They are not little anymore. (I’m sorry if this hurts a little.)

They will need you just the same for a long time but they won’t need you in the same way. This means you have more space for your own growth and your own dreams.

But you may be feeling cloudy with what’s next now that your children are all finally in school

I was working full-time when my twin daughters started kindergarten. It was such a fun, memory-making time.

But it was also a clear line in the sand for me to start figuring out what I wanted to do now that they were clearly growing up.

That’s when I began doing some really big soul searching on my lunches at the local coffee shop.

That’s when I started to find some real clarity in my life — that led to creating this website and community.

Finally, I felt like I was something more than a mother and an employee.


The busyness of raising little ones — with little time to think for yourself — keeps you from having clarity and perspective on the big picture of your life.


When you’re in the trenches of motherhood, it’s hard to think about anything else — let alone who you are, where you want to go and what is most important for you.

And so you may be feeling a sense of urgency to hurry up and figure it all out.

You are not alone. I felt that way, too.

In my newest online program, SoulShine: Finding Your Purpose Beyond Motherhood, we are taking the time to journal and create a lot of lists — practices that can truly unlock the passions that fire you up. The work you’ll do in this program are the same — and much more — of the creative journaling and life action prompts I used to find my own clarity around what made my soul shine years ago when my girls started kindergarten and now I’m sharing it with YOU.

Because if there’s anything I’ve learned about the children going back to school, it’s that we have to fire ourselves up. After actively mothering all the kids all summer, you may find that you are too tired to do much of anything.

You may want to nap on the couch. And for the first week you should!

But you also want to fire yourself up. To feel inspired.

Because NOW is your time.

Rather than rush into the next thing, let’s take some time to really dig deep on who we really are right now in this season of life.

  • May we be still long enough to listen.
  • May we stand firm in setting our boundaries to say no.
  • May we be open to say yes to what feels good.
  • May we be patient in this season of motherhood knowing that it will have an equal number of pockets of slow moments and busy chaos.
  • May we remember to seek joy first and all the “shoulds” last.

There is no doubt that the older our children get the more emotional the parenting gets and the busier the calendar gets as well.

But this is also your first big opportunity to elbow your way to some greater well-being for yourself.


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