As moms, we can find ourselves caught up in a whole lot of things that don’t serve us.

Chocolate is not one of those things. 🙂

I’ve been talking about bad habits that we MUST stop in order to be less tired, less overwhelmed and less distracted for years. Six years, in fact.

And I’ve heard a lot over the years about the I will not do list … which I have done.

But this year, I’ve created an I QUIT list that I’m keeping front and center to remind myself — and to work into what I teach and how I lead in the Abundant Mama community this year.

As a family wellness coach, this work is my soul care. This work is my self-love practice.

But none of our self-care ideas work if we are too busy getting caught up in things that don’t matter.

On the podcast this week, I’m sharing my Quitting List.

A quitting list is simply a list of things you declare NO to from here on out to make space for the good things in your life so you live with intention.

My list are some nagging things that really popped up for me this past year … but some I’ve been prone to doing all my life and I’m just done with them. 🙂

I’d love for you to share your list with me, too, over on my Facebook page. Link for this will be below.

Listen to this latest Abundant Mama Show podcast below.



Highlights of this Episode

  • Examining false friendships
  • Releasing mind clutter
  • On not getting caught up in the outrage of the day
  • Letting go of all anger whatsoever
  • Taking on more than we can do
  • The controversial topic of quitting the word-of-the-year idea

Resources Mention in this Episode

The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow

The Abundant Mama Online Program — open enrollment has begun!

Facebook Page Post for this episode!

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