One of my favorite topics that comes up in my private coaching conversations with struggling moms is their desire to be more free, more liberated from the day-to-day so they can be more playful.

And yet.

They are also torn by the fact that they thrive on routine and schedules so that they can be more productive and get things done.

This push-pull between doing and being is so hard to navigate for all of us.

Our children desire that freedom — and thrive in those structures — as well.

And so we are left with living in the in-between.

Wanting to be more playful.

Needing to be productive.

And, feeling guilty about not doing either very well at all.

The easy part is this: All our children want is a happy mom in their lives. 

What if, though, the question isn’t how can you be more playful?

Or how can you be more productive?

But rather … how can you be BOTH/AND?

How can you find playfulness within your daily structures while being productive?

How can your set firm and loving boundaries that make sure you have solid rituals and routines in the midst of a playful life.

This conversation in my programs and coaching is one of my favorites because it’s exactly how I’ve created peacefully productive systems in my own life so that I can take care of my WHOLE self while being fully present and engaged with my family. And, it’s my FAVORITE topic to coach women around because it liberates you to realize you can have fun and get things done.

This is just one of the concepts we explore inside our community made just for aspiring Abundant Mamas. Each month, we explore topics that help you focus on your whole-self wellness so that you can show up for your family brighter and more enthusiastically than ever. Anyone who joins the Peace Circle Community this month gets FREE access to my brand new eCourse Playful Mama Camp! –> LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY HERE

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