Nearly 10 years ago, I began a daily gratitude practice.

That means in 2020, I’ll crack open my 10th daily gratitude journal.

Ten years is a long time to stick to a daily habit and my perseverance and self-regulation on this took zero effort.


Because instantly I saw how gratitude changed everything about myself, my life and my world.

I have taught more than 2,500 women how to practice gratitude over the past several years. And many of them have created life-long practices just as I have.

But the truth is that unless you know why gratitude is worth practicing, it’s easy to give up on it.

Gratitude is seriously good for you. The science of gratitude is clear.

So I am sharing the evidence here and I invite you to join me next week to learn how to bring gratitude into your life on a daily basis. Register now for my FREE workshop Gratitude is My Superpower! (Begins Monday, Nov. 11)

Listen to this latest podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show and learn how gratitude can make you happier.

8 Ways a Gratitude Practice Can Make You Happier


8 Ways a Gratitude Practice Can Make You Happier

  1. It can absolutely boost your self-esteem and self-worth.
  2. It can reduce your stress and symptoms of trauma.
  3. It can encourage a meaningful life that cultivates more compassion and kindness.
  4. It helps to build better quality relationships.
  5. It prevents forms of social comparison/jealousy.
  6. It decreases negative emotions and feelings.
  7. It reduces boredom and prevents living in the status quo.

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