If the world has been spinning around you and your mind has been going along with it, slow down.

If the demands to keep up, join up, show up, stand up are weighing on you, slow down.

If the worries, the crying, the tears, the fighting, the tattling, the middle-of-the-night waking is frustrating you, let go and slow down.

If it feels like a chore, a job, a battle, slow down.

If there is no good reason to go yet you feel you must go anyway, slow down.

If things are just not right, not balanced, and you’re not saying “Hell, yeah, I got this,” then slow down.

Slow down when you find yourself down and out. Slow down when everything around you says speed up.

This week, let’s slow down and let the unimportant things fall to the side for a bit and let the good stuff — the stuff that leaves us smiling to ourselves — rise to the top where it should always be.

Slow down and see what comes.

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