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“[ I ] never talk about gratitude and joy separately, for this reason. In 12 years, I’ve never interviewed a single person who would describe their lives as joyful, who would describe themselves as joyous, who was not actively been practicing gratitude.” 
― Brené Brown

I’ve been journaling my whole life. A journal is a journal in many respects.

But, when it comes to my gratitude journal, perfection is required.

And, gearing up to go into my fourth volume, I am pretty much a gratitude journal connoisseur.

If you are a serious gratitude journaler, as I am, you have to choose the kind of journal that works for YOU. We are all so different.

My journal sits on my nightstand and I use it daily. Years ago, I hardly wrote anything but now I easily fill up an entire page. These things all are considered when I choose a new journal.

If you like to write long, detailed sentences than you need ample space to do that. If you just choose single words or short sentences each day, then you only need one line.

If you are writing daily, as I do, you need something that is durable and will hold up all year.


And then there’s the pretty factor. If you want really want to commit to this practice, you have to want to go into that journal and use it. It has to call you.

Since this is such an important part of being an Abundant Mama and living the most awake life possible, I’ve gathered this list of  6 Nearly Perfect Gratitude Journals that I’ve tried or plan to try over the next few years.

This is the lovely gratitude journal I am using right now. It’s very affordable and the pages are easy to use. I love that it has a ribbon to keep track of the day since I write daily. But, because it is inexpensive, it hasn’t held up too well. It’s not falling apart but I’m not sure how long it will last beyond this year.

 orange journal

This is the journal I used last year. It’s very durable and the quotes are a nice touch. However, there wasn’t much room to write and most of my Abundant Mama moments need lots of space. At least two lines for each entry and I often write five to 10 entries.

simple abundance journal


This is sort of like the sweet little gratitude journal I will use next year except I”m waiting on the very special autographed copy of the second edition and so because I haven’t even held it in my hands just yet I can’t review it. But, I’ve heard good things about the first edition and I’m very hopeful this will be IT, the one, my one and only. I am really looking forward to the pretty pages as a source of inspiration.

Here is a screenshot of the last page of the second edition due out this month.



If the above doesn’t work out, here are three more that have sparked an interest from me.

This is a great journal for anyone who doesn’t want to take a lot of time to write things down. Simply one line a day. Interesting concept and reminds me of a clerk at a local farmer’s market that told me that she did this sort of journaling for each of her kids and she gave them the journal when they grew up. Love that idea but I haven’t done it. My plan is to just give my journals to my girls at some point.



And if you are a Moleskin fan as I am, this might be a serious contender as well. Sweet and simple.



Finally, I love that this little tiny journal offers the idea of writing gratitude as well as acts of kindness … it does all tie together so nicely.

 kindness too

How about you? Do you keep a gratitude journal? 

Photo credits: rmkoske and Shannon Kringen

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