It’s that time of the year when we start to reflect on how the year when and we start to crave and long for the newness of a brand new year. 

It’s as if we hope that a new year will bring some magical spark good in our lives. It’s like we’re ready to let go of what didn’t work this year and begin to start fresh. And it’s that time when we start to set goals or resolutions or just start dreaming about the possibility of what is yet to unfold in our lives. 

As mothers that often takes the shape of how we can be more attentive to our families to our homes and to ourselves. I don’t typically choose a word of the year. but last year the right word came to me at the right time and unfolded just right all year long. That word was possibility. I talked about how my year of possibility played out both and blog posts and emails to my email list recently. 

It was a really good word and it’s been a really good year. 

I made amazing progress in all the areas of my life that I wanted to see growth in. I wouldn’t call them that goals but definitely areas where I was focused on seeing positive momentum in my life. I’m someone who needs to be working toward personal development all the time otherwise I feel stuck and down and start to end up in the Land of Bitter and Sour. Goals are liberating to me. They are fun and motivating. 

I should say, it was not a perfect year.  There were hardships, setbacks, disappointments and struggles. But I had amazing support, accountability and motivation to staying focused on my growth areas.

So I thought it would be wise to focus on some wholistic mama resolutions or growth areas that maybe you want to see positive momentum on in the new year.

These growth areas are the most common that I’ve heard from in my private coaching clients.

  • Peaceful
  • Positive
  • Playful
  • Present
  • Purposeful
  • Passionate

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