It’s likely not news to you if you’ve been around me for any length of time that my relationship to winter has been complicated.

Years ago, I hated it.

Then, I learned to tolerate it and suffer through.

Finally, I learned to appreciate it.

How I got to the latter, though, is important. I didn’t just get to the HAPPY TO SEE WINTER mentality overnight and on my own.

I had some help from my Winter JOY toolbox. (I am a BIG fan of asking my private coaching clients to make toolboxes for just about anything! Toolboxes are FUN.)

So, here is what is in my Winter Joy Toolbox — And please note that these links are connected to my affiliate account for Amazon. That means if you make a purchase, Amazon pays me a small, small affiliate fee.


This was a really great purchase that my girls use as well at times in the midst of a long stretch of grey, cold days. This lamp came recommended by our physician and is a simple way to get some much needed light therapy. I’ll turn it on while I’m checking email and prepping for my client calls and the warmth and the light gives me an instant happiness boost. This is the light we have and it works great.


My husband bought this for me and I have found it to be a great source of comfort in the winter when my anxiety ramps up due to less activity outside and less fresh air. This blanket is soft and the perfect amount of weight for me. The YnM brand has been a nice affordable and high quality version of this fairly costly novelty.


The biggest mindset change I had to make in order to not hate winter anymore was to realize that I could still go outside and enjoy it. Even if it’s 14 degrees. I walk every day and I can walk for hours — as long as I can keep warm enough. Investing in quality gloves, hats, scarves and coats has been essential for me. I have to get outside and be in the fresh air and having things that keep me super warm makes it easy to WANT to do. I must admit I do not have this set but I really, really want it. I’ve been searching for a slouchy winter cap for a while.


Now, I am a HUGE coffee lover and no morning — winter, summer, spring or fall — is complete without it. However, in the winter I love to indulge in a Chai in the afternoons as well. This Train Chai Mix is by far my favorite and I have tried a lot of Chai. I used to travel 45 minutes to pick up Trader Joe’s version but that became too inconvenient for my craving purposes. This version is better and so, so warming. So flavorful. It’s filled with sugar, though, so I try to only have one cup or two per week.


I am sure that I use candles all year round but I know for a fact that I burn them mostly in the winter. I use them ALL the time to bring warmth, peace and a sense of calm to my home and life. But the key is to find one that burns a long time. Long lasting candles are my favorite. The short lasting candles should just be taken off the market. This fresh linen is a great smell. I stay far away from fruit and food smells, myself.


It’s like not too surprising that just after coffee and my family (and my amazing clients) my life revolves around journaling. #journalingislife is my motto And this brand of a soft cover journal is my FAVE. It’s all I use for my daily, everyday journal. Though I do use a separate gratitude journal for my nightly routine. I go through 4 of these babies a year (but I mostly get the less pretty versions at Target. However, this version of this journal that says Make Yourself a Priority is really, really speaking to me and may have to be in my spring lineup.)

So there you have it. A few of the things in my Winter JOYS Toolbox.

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