One of the first suggestions I offer to my coaching clients is to set strong boundaries around phone use and social media.

The reason is, of course, because the main reason a woman comes to me for private coaching is because she wants to focus and set priorities that improve her life — and follow through and get them done.

All of that is really hard to do when you spend most of your time being influenced by the outside world rather than tuning into your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Plus, over-consuming new information and ideas seriously leads to overwhelm and anxiety. So if you lean toward the anxious state of life, consider what you are bringing into your mind on an hourly basis.

So, here is a 50 Things You Can Do Instead of Checking Your Phone so you can stay on task — or reduce overwhelm in your life.

  1. Stop everything and set an intention.
  2. Take 10 minutes to review your planner and/or to-do list.
  3. Take 10 minutes to do ONE thing on your self-care bucket list.
  4. Close your eyes and breathe.
  5. Sit down and read a chapter.
  6. Step outside and look up at the sky.
  7. Create your meal plan for the next week.
  8. Declutter a drawer or closet.
  9. Do something totally playful and fun.
  10. Write a poem.
  11. Read a poem.
  12. Text with a friend or relative.
  13. Clear a surface
  14. Take a walk.
  15. Throw a dance party.
  16. Paint your nails/cut your nails.
  17. Do yard work.
  18. Collect 5 things to donate
  19. Clear your pantry and organize
  20. Plan a gathering
  21. Learn something
  22. Start a gratitude journal.
  23. Journal about tomorrow
  24. Plan a warm-weather outing for later this year.
  25. Write a thank you note.
  26. Do a financial check-in
  27. Start a family gratitude practice
  28. Plan your week
  29.  Take a class.
  30.  Light a candle.
  31. Peel and eat an orange mindfully.
  32. Eat a piece of chocolate very slowly.
  33.  Hand-letter a quote you love
  34. Wash your face (and hands) mindfully and slowly.
  35. Do 15 jumping jacks or crunches.
  36.  Climb the stairs a few times
  37.  Cry — if you need to. It’s OK.
  38.  Allow yourself to just not be busy.
  39.  Paint
  40.  Make a gift for someone
  41. Sit and do nothing.
  42. Tidy a room
  43. Plan the next birthday in your family
  44. Take time to Journal.
  45. Clean your sink
  46. Drink a cup of tea in quiet
  47. Doodle your day
  48. Do a mind dump on paper
  49. Drink a glass of water
  50.  Wrap in a blanket and daydream

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