The hardest part of summer, to me, is that there is so much to do and just a few short months to do it.

Unlike our friend Old Man Winter, where we tend to go inward and inside, summer presents the challenge of … oh goodness, there’s so much to do, we’ll never fit it all in.

So, in honor of Mission: Slow Summer, let’s not worry about fitting it all in.

Fit only the best parts in, only the parts that feel meaningful and joyful.

This is how we Savor the Slow of the everyday parts of our lives — and it’s blissful when we surrender to it.

If you are stressing about not getting to “do” everything … ask yourself why?

We get caught up in the sexiness of being busy. That busy mentality invades our minds, our homes and our children’s worlds.

That’s why this downloadable list of Slow Summer ideas was created.

To slow down and enjoy life.

So, I’ve done that. Here are 50 Ideas for  a Slow Summer — and a FREE PRINTABLE!


I invite you to download this list and add any ideas you feel are missing in the comments. You can also click the image to download as well.

At our house, though, these may or may not get done. In an effort to leave more space in our minds and our lives, we’re also leaving more space on our calendar. More white space. More time for nothing. More seeing what the children will come up with on their own without any distractions of rushing to this or that. And they always astound me with their ideas on our slowest slow days.

Honestly, our days will be pretty scheduled in a very loose, magical slow summer rhythm kind of way. Plenty of time for creating and exploring. Plenty of time for reading and watching clouds float by. Plenty of time for playing in the backyard. And plenty of time to do those things we feel are exactly what make summer magical. But, chores will still get done and we’ll still go to the library and the parks. We just won’t be pressuring ourselves to do any of it.

But these 50 things … they are essential to our summer days and I suspect we’ll fit them in without even thinking about it. And we certainly won’t schedule them in. We’ll let them unfold, naturally. Checking the list now and then to make sure we’re checking them off.

And if we don’t … that’s OK. It’s probably because we got wrapped up saving worms or something.

Discuss: What is your one must-do this summer?


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