Let’s face it. Summer may feel a bit different this year.

But honestly, around here, we’ve always been on a mission of enjoying a slow summer.

I believe so strongly in not forcing it all in … but rather savoring.

When we choose to only making space for the best parts of summer, the parts that feel meaningful and joyful, we make more time for ourselves and our own wellness.

This is how we Savor the Slow of the everyday parts of our lives — and it’s blissful when we surrender to it.

If you are stressing about not getting to “do” everything … ask yourself why?

We get caught up in the sexiness of being busy. That busy mentality invades our minds, our homes and our children’s worlds.

That’s why this downloadable list of Slow Summer ideas was created.

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Here are 50 Ideas for a Slow Summer — and a FREE PRINTABLE!


I invite you to download this list and add any ideas you feel are missing in the comments. You can also click the image to download as well.

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