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I am a big fan of fresh starts.

I find them at every possible corner.

While some might see only January 1st as the only fresh start … I am busy making Mondays, weekends, new months, new seasons and other times in the calendar as a fresh start.

I guess I just need a lot of chances to start again.

But perhaps it has more to do with how we begin our lives as children …

We spend the first 20 years or so of our lives experiencing the back-to-school mentality, it’s no wonder that September often leaves us feeling like we should be gearing up for class and learning and picking out the best backpack.

That fresh start of a new school year is a beautiful feeling. A feeling I love to recreate for myself all the time.

For years after college, I had to shove that feeling aside as I went off to my 9 to 5 jobs in that amazing career I worked so hard to achieve.

But the truth is there is something really good about the back-to-school mentality.

That’s why I wanted to give you some ideas to use to quench your back-to-school urge.

The struggle is real and you can do something about it!

5 Ways to Quench Your Back-to-School Yearnings as an Adult




The idea of learning and growing is not only appealing but steers us toward a more positive future. Collecting wisdom and being focused on developing ourselves is a great path to happiness. In fact, this is a big part of my quenching my own back-to-school yearnings this year as I embark on a major class to grow professionally and personally. I have a client inside my membership community who just signed up for yoga teacher certification as well.

There are many online courses but the best ones are going to take you into an area of your life or mind that has long been neglected. I always chose classes that will better ME personally as well as my career and family. For instance, I offer a class called Gratitude is My Superpower! If you want to transform your life quickly, learning how to start a lifelong gratitude practice is a wonderful way to do that.

But, these classes on The Magic of Watercolor and Custom Lettering seem fun!





One of our favorite traditions and practices inside my membership community is monthly planning sessions. I encourage our members to really take time to USE the planner they have in a way that feels good. That means adding stickers, washi tape and using amazing colorful pens. I often tell my coaching clients that the planner you choose does not matter. It’s how you USE your planner that will make all the difference in your life. Revamping your planner should include getting very clear on what you will say yes to and what you will say no to going forward this year.




I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I nearly collapsed upon the realization that on Dec. 31 of this year we will be saying good-bye to another decade. No more TEENS. This means a couple things. It means you need to be ready for 2020 and to really ring in a wonderful new year. But it also means we have four glorious months of THIS decade to PARTY in this life we’ve been given. So make a list. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do and accomplish? Make a list of 20 small and bigger actions you will take before the calendar flips to 2020. JOIN MY FREE 20 BY 2020 FACEBOOK GROUP HERE FOR WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY AND INSPIRATION





Seriously. As your Mrs. Serious Pack Leader, I can tell that as I prepare to launch my Playful Mama Camp, this tiny little mission is going to be a key element of being more playful. So if you love Halloween, this is nothing for you. But if you are someone who takes life more seriously, perhaps you can play into that for your costume and play along anyway! GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR THE PLAYFUL MAMA CAMP HERE.






I don’t know why this is on this list as it has nothing to do with back-to-school but for me this time of the year also insists on reminding me to buy local, eat fresh and remember to support local farmers in my community. Savoring the seasons is a wonderful way to reclaim our happiness set point and really start to challenge our everyday mentality. Shopping at farmers markets brings in so many of your senses — perfect for savoring. And, bonus! You can make a delicious meal from your findings. Check out my friend Stevie’s beautiful Autumn Bucket list free printable as well.

I could keep going on this list, of course, but the point is not to overwhelm you. It’s to encourage you to DO something about your yearnings rather than just shove them down inside. If you feel the yearn to learn, to grow and develop yourself, listen to that voice. You are not alone. The difference now is that you have to create your own path forward.

And learning to listen to yourself and your own yearnings is so important. 

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