I’m knee deep right now in beautiful, delicious behind-the-scenes hope-building for mamas around the world.

Inside this project, there are more than 100 women who gather online with me every day.

Beyond that, there are hundreds more who are alumni of this project and who continue to do the inspiring work of being Abundant Mamas.

For them, and now for you, I wanted to offer some new questions to reflect on for the new year.

Reflecting and thinking about the big picture of our lives is a huge part of our Abundant Mama journey — knowing what’s working and what’s not to being peaceful, playful and present is essential to growing stronger, and calmer.

Questions to really get to the heart of the matter of how to tap into being a peaceful, playful and present woman — and mother.

5 Reflective Questions for the New Year

Questions to really tap into finding your happy place in the right here and right now moments of your life.

So here we go. Grab your pens and your journals. And get that Rise and Shine ritual back on fire.

Here are 5 Reflective Questions for the New Year:

1. What emotion am I yearning to experience this year?

2. What beautiful decision would I like to be able to celebrate by year’s end?

3. Who would I like to be closer to this year?

4. How can I show up more for my life each day?

5. What would make my heart sing this year?

These are questions I’m asking myself right now. Questions that speak to my journey as a woman and the life I want to live that is filled with peace, joy and being present for every single moment that matters.

Discuss : I’d love for you to share your answers with me in the comments. Your stories inspire me.



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5 reflective questions for the new year

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