What do you want your motherhood legacy to be?

Do you want to be so busy that you don’t have time to stop and play?

Do you want to have the cleanest house?

Or, do you want to be the fun mom — the one who gets in the pool, climbs the tree or plays video games?

Do you even know?

Taking time to BE the mother we want to be takes effort. Thought. Intention.

And ALL of that requires you to slow down and carve out some blissful quiet time for yourself.

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Here are 5 Reflective Questions for the New Year:

  1. ONE area I’d like to be better as a mother is ________.

  2. I want my children to remember that I was a mother who _______.

  3. My biggest parenting goal for this year is _________.

  4. I will feel more nourished as a mom if I make time for _______.

  5. The words that best describe how I want our family to feel this year are ____________.

These are just some of the questions our community of Abundant Mamas have been asking themselves in recent weeks. These reflective questions remind us to focus on the most important part of our lives as mothers — what kind of a parenting legacy we want to leave behind.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

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