When it comes to releasing my own inner control freak, I’d say this has been a big part of my own personal work over the past 13 years.

Or longer.

For more than a decade, I have studied every possible technique on learning to let go and trust.

The result is that I’m pretty good 95 percent of my day or week.

I’m still working on that 5 percent that is often due to a parenting issue that pops up that I am not prepared for even after all these years.

But here’s the thing. We may never MASTER being super go-with-the-flow … but we can set an intention to make it our mission to BE BETTER at going with the flow.

Learning to tame our inner control freak is a practice just like meditation or yoga or running a 5K. It has to be worked out over and over and over.

Letting go rituals and intentions is my passion in the coaching work that I do with women who long to be more free and more creative.

And learning to trust ourselves — and those we love — is my mission here in the Abundant Mama Project.

Here’s why … releasing our inner control freak is powerful, powerful work.

When we do it a little, we find a life to be a little easier.

When we do it a lot, we find life to be a lot easier.

But it does take time because it is a practice. It’s a daily, weekly, monthly practice that when done with the right self-compassion and trust can become one of your favorite self-care tools.

In my SURRENDER reTREAT, I coach you through several rituals and practical strategies you can use in any situation that requires you to consider letting go. Sometimes a situation NEEDS us to hang on tightly. Sometimes a situation requires us to surrender. I walk you through that subtle, vital line that you encounter in life. 

Additionally, I offer to you 3 tangible ways to build your letting go muscles because without strengthening when life is easy, you won’t be ready or strong enough when life gets hard. 


Here’s some of the benefits you can expect if you set an intention to release your inner control freak.


To be less of a helicopter parent

Our inner control freak says keep them safe. Keep them well-behaved. Make them perfect. So many parents today are controlling their children’s every move — from what they wear to the friends they make, to the colleges they will apply to and ultimately go to. I get it. It’s easy to get caught up in perfection and fear-based parenting. We don’t want to look bad. But this kind of parenting isn’t good for our children — and it’s not good for us. Learning to release your inner control freak gives your children back some much-desired FREEDOM to grow and be the messy human beings they are bound to be.

To be MORE authentic and creative

Our inner control freak says stay safe. And comfortable. And don’t upset anyone or anything. Ah, to be a writer, a painter, a poet, an artist, a crafter requires letting go fully to get to that holy place of total abandon. We can expect our art to become very stuck when we are a control freak. I have my own patterns around this — and now rituals — to make sure i don’t hold back in my creative work.

To be more playful and lighter

Our inner control freak says there’s cleaning to be done. Things to do. MORE things to do. No time for rest. No time for play. No time. No time. Work. Work. Work. But we know that when we finally learn the true value of letting go we’ll find that being playful IS our work and when it IS our work, we’re better in all areas of our lives.

To be a more chill parent

Our inner control freak wants to fix everything. Give the BIG lesson. Tell them what they are doing wrong. But our children don’t want fixed. They don’t want lectures. They want us to listen. But if we’re too busy controlling them with all of our vast wisdom and life experience, they will see us as the enemy No. 1 to avoid and pull away from. I’d rather be a silent, chill parent that hears my child’s biggest woes in life than the loud, controlling parent who is last to learn about everything.

To be more emotionally balanced

Our inner control freak says FREAK OUT about everything! Every bad piece of news. Every office drama. Every piece of gossip. Every sibling fight. Our inner control freak doesn’t like chaos or clutter or messy things. But that means when she’s driving the bus, our emotions are ALL kinds of wild and all over the place. That is no place to lead from a place of love. We can do better.

Sign up for the Surrender reTREAT now and start immersing yourself in the practice of letting go and surrendering — and telling your inner control freak that she can rest now. ACCESS THE SURRENDER RETREAT NOW








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