The state of the tired mom is this: There are a lot of us. Millions.

Getting our children into bed is a nightly battle. Getting them to stay in bed all night long — an even bigger battle.

Bedtime can be a source of joy, love and rich conversations.

Or it can be an endless battle that leaves us feeling worn out, disgruntled and ready to numb out for hours on end.

Either way, if you are a tired mom you are in desperate need of sleep, whether you realize it or not.

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Are we really THAT tired?

Once the kids are in bed, we often WANT to do something more meaningful for ourselves, but we’re just too tired.

And rather than just go to bed early, we sit stoned-faced, numbing out on things that really eat away at our energy and positive habits.

Over-eating. Over-binging on TV. Over-scrolling on social media.

We don’t FEEL tired … but we can’t find the energy to do anything of substance.

Sleep deprivation is sneaky.

You think you’re fine … and you operate in life as if nothing is wrong. You don’t even realize you are a tired mom.

And yet it is wreaking havoc on our lives in ways we can’t even see ourselves. In fact, it might be that one missing link to why you aren’t feeling as great as you wish you were.


5 Reasons to Take Sleep Seriously if You Are a Tired Mom

5 Reasons to Take Sleep Seriously if You are a Tired Mom

I’ve been there and I’ve been paying attention to what I feel like on those days when I get less than 8 hours of sleep.

When my twins were infants and toddlers, I often went to bed as soon as they did.

I was just too tired to stay up late – always choosing to wake up refreshed rather than stay up exhausted.

When we don’t get enough sleep — or when we don’t get the right kind of restful, recharging kind of sleep … we can find all kinds of physical, emotional and mental challenges show up in our lives as mothers.

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No. 1 — Being Exhausted Hurts our Bodies and Brains

On those nights when I don’t go to bed early, I often wake up and suffer from insomnia. This started right around the time my girls began sleeping through the night.

Nice, right?

On these nights when I get less than 7 or 8 hours of sleep, I wake up feeling OK but by mid-afternoon, I am in a physical slump.

I feel a physiological toll happen in my body. I get dizzy. I feel light-headed. I am not as effective in my tasks. My brain feels cloudy. Thinking is hard. Doing is harder.

For some this is a time to nap and recuperate.

For others, this is the time to power through and suck it up!

But there’s something bigger than that happening. One study found that just two weeks of sleeping less than 6 hours per night dramatically impacts cognitive function in all tasks.

Our bodies are trying to tell us to rest and take it easy — and to get more sleep.

If we’re not listening — and not taking sleep seriously —  we ignore these cries for help — until our bodies shut down with illness or injury and force us to do so.

5 Reasons to Take Sleep Seriously if You Are a Tired Mom

No. 2 — Sleep Deprivation Makes us More Emotional

Ah, mood swings.

Our emotional well-being suffers the most when we’re lacking sleep — especially quality sleep.

This kind of tired sends us on a roller coaster ride through lots of different highs and lows.

This is often when we have less patience — way less patience — with our children.

This is also when we wake up in the Land of Bitter and Sour and can’t seem to find our way out.

This lack of sleep creates emotional turmoil in our lives — making everything seem worse than it actually is. Of course, even when things are hard, lack of sleep makes managing it all even harder.

No. 3 — Life is just harder

Our cognitive functioning suffers when we are sleep deprived.

This means our brains aren’t operating at full capacity.

And while this is dangerous for driving a car or other machinery, it’s also a dangerous way to parent and work and run errands.

And when our brains are suffering, we can’t make proper decisions. Our reactions are based on emotions rather than solid common sense.

Tired isn’t about just needing sleep.

Tired impacts the way we show up in the world — and in our families.

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No. 4 — It Takes a Toll on Our Family

When we add up all the emotional, physical and mental fatigue that we’re feeling this creates the ultimate reason we should take sleep more seriously — parenting challenges.

Parenting is hard enough. The constant demands and needs add up and when we’re too tired to think creatively we can resort to unhealthy parenting reactions like yelling, spanking and other forms of harsh human behaviors.

When we’re tired, we’re simply not able — or willing — to take the time we should to work with our children in their most needy moments.

Sleep-deprivation hurts us.

But it hurts our children the most.

No. 5 — We Are Harder on Ourselves

Finally, when we’re exhausted we just don’t have the perspective we need to see ourselves in a positive light — adding to our feelings of not being enough, not having enough and not doing enough.

In fact, it’s in these moments that we push ourselves MORE rather than admitting that we need to stop and rest.

By pushing ourselves to do more, we are telling ourselves that we haven’t yet reached perfection — always the end-game.

This is the Ultimate Pathway to the Land of Bitter and Sour, in fact.

Most of the women who are transformed in the Abundant Mama Online Program realize that this is the state of mind they’ve been living in — due to not taking really good care of themselves.

How Do We Stop the Sleepless Cycle?

For many moms with babies and young children, sleepless nights is just par for the course.

And we’re all busy and exhausted — that’s motherhood.

But HOW we put ourselves to bed – and how we put our children to bed — really can make or break our dreams of peaceful slumber.

The first step is to begin implementing evening routines that nourish us and remind us to put ourselves and our health first.

I’ve helped thousands of women transform their days by learning to get up early and take care of themselves through my FREE Rise and Shine challenge.

Now I’m focusing in on the self-proclaimed NIGHT OWLS to help YOU do the same.

We can nourish ourselves in evenings — with the pure intention of getting a better night’s rest so that we can be BETTER the next day.

Let’s work together to transform your evenings into blissful moments of time for yourself — and your family. Join me on the FREE kick-off party and webinar — Recharge and Reframe Your Day with Blissful Evenings.


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