For a long time, I would utter these three words all the time …

I hate winter.

And, to be fair, it was completely accurate.

For me, it began as a child with a February birthday watching out the glass windows of my grandmothers house at piles upon piles of snow each February — and yet another birthday party ruined.

I was an only child, too, so playing in the snow alone … not. much. fun.

And then fast forward a couple decades and I gave birth to twin girls in the middle of January.

Really not the best idea but who can really plan these things?

Being a new mom in the middle of a freezing cold, blustery winter clinched my feelings that I truly hated winter.

There’s lots of reasons to do so. First, we feel stuck inside. Everything is so grey and colorless. It’s too cold to enjoy being outside. We get bored. Our children get restless.

And then, worst of all, the loneliness sets in.

4 Must-Do Rules for Moms Coping with the Winter Blues

I talk a lot about my own loneliness in motherhood story … but I don’t often share the story of the fact that my girls were born in winter and how that really impacted my new mom story of feeling isolated and alone.

I remember the first time we were able to finally get outside — after my own pain wore off and the babies were big enough to fit into their snow suits. There was snow everywhere and I’d never loved a walk more in my life. But it was a lot of work to get outside and make that walk happen.

I struggled with the winter blues as a mom for far too long before I realized I had coping strategies and tools to use that go beyond just getting some sunlight, which is impossible to accept when you are depressed from lack of sunlight.

Fast forward another decade and I finally get it. I get it!

I can appreciate winter. I can accept that it is a part of our lives each year here in the mid-atlantic of the East Coast.

And, the longer I deepen into my own Abundant Mama Journey, the more I actually have begun to enjoy winter.

But I’ve also gone into the last five years with a very real intention to accept winter and have a plan of action to cope with it. My plan is very involved and elaborate but these four rules certainly apply to all.

And while winter for us has been beautiful and mild … I know there are other moms facing a brutal winter and who are feeling quite stuck and lonely. So I offer these …

4 Coping Strategies for Moms Dealing with the Winter Blues


The real shift for me began when I started a rule that I wasn’t allowed to say I hate winter. I’m not even allowed to complain about winter. (I break this rule sometimes.) Instead, I focus on what I love about winter. And there are good things about being stuck at home. We get to get a lot of inside projects done. We get to go quiet and move slower. Telling ourselves a new story is a big part of creating a plan that works.


Despite ALL the ways my body rejects the idea of cold weather, I have found delight in challenging myself to get outside and seek out the sunshine, if there is any, or the colors of a red Cardinal hiding in a tree. THE SECRET — Invest in seriously good winter gear for everyone. Over-dress if you must. You can always remove layers. Get a wind resistant coat if you can as well and have fun with picking up accessories that feel fun and bright.


Being Playful is one of the four pillars of being an Abundant Mama. And winter is no exception. To keep the doldrums of being stuck inside at bay, we have always tried to be a playful family. This is, admittedly, harder for me now that my girls are tweenagers. But when the moment is just right, we still are known to get our playing on at home. Here are some ideas to get you feeling a bit more playful!

15 Ways to Play as a Family

25 Ways to Just Be with Your Family

Playful Intentions for Serious Parents


Around here, we get real honest, real fast about how motherhood can be an isolating season in our lives. Add the confines of extreme weather patterns and, well, we can say … we get it. But the truth is that there are so many ways to reach out to people and just BE YOU. Being lonely isn’t easy, but taking a deep breath and reaching out can be.

  • Text a friend and be real.
  • Reach out and share your heart in a supportive group online.
  • Ask for help.
  • Invite a friend over for coffee or tea and nothing more.

Winter is a test for how strong we can be and how resilient we can be in times of hardship. And it’s also a chance to slow down and focus on our inner selves a bit more as well. Keeping warm inside and out is a big part of the journey of being an Abundant Mama.

Need Help getting through the winter days? Check out the 10 Habits of Highly Effective Mamas eBook and start making some positive changes in your days.


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