It’s a brand new day. The sun is out. The world is smiling, it seems.

And so are you.

But what about those days when it’s all rain or clouds?

Are you still able to muster up the energy to feel alive and motivated to get through your day — no matter what’s on the schedule?

Many of my clients struggle how to put their energy into many different directions, ideas and passions — and also on themselves.

As a longtime creative person and life and family wellness coach, my personal energy balance is crucial. I simply must wake up ready to shine each and every day.

Let’s face it, though. When we bring really great energy to our life that energy and light spreads to others as well.

Next month in the Wake Up and Thrive Network, we will be exploring a BIG topic around energy management — acceptance. We tend to put a lot of energy into what we need to change and control in our lives … and so the real work we can do is on learning when we can embrace and accept many influences in our lives and when we should not accept things.

And so energy balance is a big part of my own self-care and the work that I do with high achieving, productive women who also don’t want to burnout.

I’m kicking off a 14-Part Podcast Episode Series on my The Abundant Mama Show this week with this conversation around energy management. This upcoming series is sharing the 14 Lessons on Identity and Purpose that I’ve Learned from 14 years of Motherhood.

Listen to the first in the series now.

What you can expect in this Episode:

  • 3 Tips on Energy Management.
  • Why Energy Management is Vital.
  • How to Know when Energy Management is an issue.

Let’s Chat! If you are struggling with balancing your energy and tired of being tired, I would love to talk to you about how I help women become their own CEO — Chief Energy Manager. You have a lot of responsibilities and passions … and I am ready to talk to you about how my coaching tools can help you find ease AND make more impact in your life. Sign up for a FREE 30-minute coaching discovery call now.

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