This Podcast Episode is brought to you by The Abundant Mama Peace Circle, my group coaching community that offers aspiring Abundant Mamas a playground to explore who you are becoming in your motherhood journey while helping you stay true to being a peaceful, playful and present woman.

The Abundant Mama Peace Circle is about sisterhood and support as well as motivation and inspiration to help you live your best life as a mom. We tackle everything from how to be happier, how to be healthier, how to be more you and how to have a peaceful family life.

Our members are from all over the world and never cease to amaze me with their creativity, passion and commitment to living the Abundant Mama life that reminds them each day they are enough, they do enough and they have enough. 

Two things are unfolding at this very moment inside The Abundant Mama Project. 

The first is that I just released my latest “AMP Camp” called Playful Mama Camp. Playfulness is one of our 4 pillars of being an Abundant Mama and really is at the forefront of a happy, thriving family.

The second is that this month inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle, we are focused on one of our favorite mantras, which is Be You.

I adopted the Be You mantra nearly two years ago for myself in an effort to really dig in and figure out who I am beyond my roles of mother, life design coach for mothers, wife and community volunteer. I seriously wanted to know WHO is Shawn?

Two years later, I am SO solid on who I am … my purpose in this world and where I am headed. But, my work on this topic is not done. I have so much more to figure out and learn. 

Today, I want to bring these two matters together a bit and share 3 Ways To Be More You in Motherhood

Because I’m talking a lot right now about motherhood-life balance. In fact, I’m leading an hour-long webinar this week inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle on this very topic of making space for ourselves in the midst of raising our children. In other words, how to find ourselves in the rubble of motherhood. 

Because motherhood is so consuming. When we do it well, it truly does consume us. And for many moms this means feeling overwhelmed and “lost” in motherhood.

In the early years of motherhood, we’re just in survival mode. 

But even as our children get older, it’s still our main job to see that they grow up healthy and happy, that they are thriving. 

So often though while we’re busy doing that we forget that we need to focus on our own happiness, our own thriving as well. 

So many women are not doing that.

This latest episode of The Abundant Mama Show is dedicated to this idea of BEING YOU.

Listen now.


  • Being YOU can be a truly magical mantra to live by but it’s not easy to do. 
  • I’m going to share three starting points to consider if you are a point where you need to really start to regain some motherhood-life balance. 
  • Listen to my three baby steps toward living the BE YOU mantra.
  • Join us now inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle (and receive a FREE pass into Playful Mama Camp)
  • Or, register now for the self-study version of Playful Mama Camp

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