Perhaps you have been looking for examples of the best morning routine to stick to once and for all in your busy mom life.

You are not alone.

One of my favorite coaching sessions with my highly sensitive mom clients is helping them to design the best morning routine that they will absolutely stick to because it heals them and nurtures them fully.

Maybe that’s you, too.

  • Maybe you are frustrated that you can’t seem to get up early even though you know it’s exactly what you need.
  • Maybe you are struggling to find the best morning routine that feels good for you.
  • Maybe you are irritated with yourself for not being able to follow through with the one or two things you know you want to do each morning such as yoga, working out, meditation.

When I begin working a new mom coaching client who is facing burnout or who is already in the severe stages of mom burnout, we almost always end up talking about how to create the best morning routine. Making time for yourself in the fresh morning of the day is almost always my No. 1 tool to bring out.

But first we have to dig into your personal story and circumstances because every mom in this world has a unique set of challenges and obstacles that make finding time for herself and creating time for herself a challenge.

And that’s why I truly believe this …

The best morning routine is absolutely the one that fits YOUR lifestyle and needs and also feels so amazing to you that you will always want to get up and do it — even when it feels hard.

The best morning routine for you is the one you look forward to so much that you will never want to skip it because it’s always what you need to be your best self.

Here’s what I want to invite you to consider if you are seeking to create an ideal morning routine for you …

Stop letting shoulds rule your morning.

Shoulds feel heavy. They feel like more work. They feel like someone else is telling you what to do. There are definitely ways we can turn shoulds — like working out — into something that feels amazing but until you reach that point, choosing shoulds over life-giving experiences to start your day may not be sustainable. Anything that someone else tells you has worked for them is often a should. A great example of this is The Miracle Morning, a book written by a man that promotes an hour-long routine that seems wonderful. And while it’s not ideal for most exhausted moms it’s been promoted so heavily that many moms feel like they *should* be doing it. Ask yourself if what you are putting on your morning routine is a should or a want.

Ask yourself what you really want.

So, one you banish the shoulds, you hopefully will be left with your wants. This means you are choosing only those self-care foundations that truly boost your positivity and energy. For me, early morning time is all about my spiritual and emotional self-care — two of the eight kinds of self-care that I talk about in my self-care wheel exercise here. I can fit other kinds of self-care in throughout my day — including working out. But what works for me may not work for you. Ask yourself what you want to be doing when you wake up and focus on doing just that. My FREE Wellness Toolkit will give you clarity on this part of your morning routine!

Release your perfectionism

It has to be perfect to be good enough, right? In my private coaching, we talk a lot about false expectations that we carry around like weights on our backs. Mornings can have a heavy load of expectations that are absolutely aligned with perfectionism rather than whole-hearted living. Focusing the start of your day on a clean and tidy home or people pleasing isn’t not likely to give you the positive energy you need to lead your family to a place of flourishing. Ask yourself what would a good enough morning be for you even if it’s not what you had envisioned.

Again, your perfect morning is the one you design for yourself — the one that lights you up and gives you joy. It’s the one where you are tending to your needs in a way that feels nourishing and uplifting and setting you up for absolute success in your day. Download my FREE wellness toolkit to start planning your self-care to meet your needs.

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