Motherhood isn’t a sacrifice.

It’s a commitment.

A commitment that requires every ounce of your time, energy and resources to give life to these little humans you are raising from infancy to adulthood.

A sacrifice means you are giving up everything to do this work.

And some days it may feel that is true.

But a commitment is a promise and a journey that you won’t get out of doing no matter what — and it’s a heart-centered practice.

I know and you know that you wouldn’t trade this commitment for anything in the world even though the road gets hard and unbearable at times.

And, while you might in the midst of that commitment feel as if you’ve lost yourself, you forget who YOU used to be and you can’t seem to find a way back to yourself — you are not lost.

Let me say it again, you are not lost.

Giving all of ourselves to raising our children ins’t a sacrifice. It’s a process. You are now on a journey to return home to yourself.

And what happens in that process is that you change immensely, if not entirely.

I know I did. I barely recognize that person before she became a mother.

We get lost in the trenches of motherhood because we’re IN the weeds of growing people — and we’re in that season in mind, body and spirit. That is all that matters … for a while.

But you will know when it’s time to zoom out and start looking around at the universe INSIDE OF YOU … and you will crave knowing yourself better.

In our time raising children, we grow wiser and richer in what matters most. Many of our past interests aren’t just impossible they are ridiculous.

And yet, finding a purpose BEYOND motherhood is essential for YOUR emotional well-being. Mothers who go to a job they aren’t loving and then arrive home to care for their children just to sleep — realize quickly that isn’t ALL they really wanted in their lives.

Women who become mothers are allowed to re-create themselves — even a few times.

In many cases, a mother loses her passion for her career that was chosen when she was young and even a bit naive … a career that only just started to get off the ground before she became a mother.

Or, she’s not sure she wants to continue in a inflexible position that leaves little ability for her to put her family first.

Or, she’s opted out of working entirely to raise her family and now she realizes she feels empty and lost because her identity was tied up in what she did for a living — not in who she was as a person.

In my program, SoulShine: Finding Your Purpose Beyond Motherhood, moms often repeat the same stories as they begin the work of figuring out what brings them alive. They say things like …

  • I want greater clarity of who I am and what makes me happy.
  • I want to feel passion again.
  • I know I have something to offer the world but motherhood has zapped me from being able to discover that ONE thing.
  • I feel scattered and an “itch” to know more about myself.

To be truly happy, we must get to know ourselves, listen to ourselves and understand ourselves.

Here are three questions to meditate on or journal around this week to really see where your energy is going right now — and where it needs to go:

  1. Do I spend too much time focusing on the past and who I used to be — and what I can no longer do — or the future dreaming about out who I want to be?
  2. What can I do to proudly step into the woman and mother I am becoming and understand myself better?
  3. When I have ample time to think about my dreams and my goals and my needs, I feel _______.

If you are ready to dive into being fully yourself, we’re ready to inspire you into action.

If you are eager to KNOW yourself better, we’re ready to shine the light on YOU.

A new session of SoulShine is kicking off soon. Learn more HERE.

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