Slow days.

We all want them.

And yet truly slow days often elude us.

Life happens.

It keeps rolling along.

The urgent easily takes over the important.

Doing supersedes being.

In my book, Savoring Slow, I talk about the importance of unstructured time for our children — and ourselves.

A slow day is often what is most needed in a busy family.

And yet it’s so rare that we can allow for a day with no adult agenda attached to it. Errands, chores and other important tasks often take over and eat up our days without much thought.

In my current Abundant Mama online program session, a mom asked me for some tips on how to plan for a slow day because her children thrive in a structured environment. While she longs for the relaxed day of nothing planned, she knows that her children may not easily feel the same way.

I get that.

My daughters have always thrived with structure as well. Routine, traditions, rituals — we all feel more safe and secure when we know what is happening.

In this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show podcast, I’m talking about how to find that sweet balance of structure and unstructured, doing and being, planned and unplanned.

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3 Creative Ways to Plan for an Unstructured, Slow Day

Highlights in this Episode

  • When Slow is Boring
  • How to Create Structure Around Slow
  • Creating White Space in our Days
  • Creating Time Blocks
  • Planning for a Slow Day

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Savoring Slow — The Book

The Abundant Mama Project

Creating White Space

10 Habits of Highly Effective Mamas


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