embrace what matters list

My head is spinning. I’m trying to launch the Abundant Mama Project and …

And life just happens.

Viruses. Long days of whining children. Chaos that is the kitchen. Guinea Pig bedding all over the floor.

And I still want to write a nice list post for you of all the great ways you can embrace what matters.

I decided to scratch that.

So, instead, I’ll give you an even better post – 25+ Ways to Embrace the Moment, instead.

Slow it down, mama.

There’s no hurry here.

There’s just a life unfolding the way it’s supposed to unfold.


Breathe deeper still.

Shrug your shoulders.

Release. Repeat.

Breathe again.

Repeat: Everything will be just fine.

Sit down. Go to bed. Take a nap. Read a book. Light a candle. Take a bath. Step outside and look at the stars. Snuggle in close. Breathe in their scents. Offer to play. Laugh with them. Smile at them. Tell them you love being their mommy. Make a cup of hot tea for yourself, and everyone else, too. Look in the mirror and love yourself. Look in their eyes and love them fully. Bake something. Make something. Dream something.

But, really, stop fussing about with perfection.

Be ready to just wing it.

Ah, that’s right … that’s how to embrace what matters.

 If you could put the brakes on for just 10 minutes right now, what would you do with your time to embrace this very moment?

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