We all need to take more time for ourselves.

Every single human being on this planet.

Mothers are certainly no exception.

I’ve coached and mentored thousands of women around the world on how to do just this for the past 20 years.

Because life is hard for all of us. Some more than others, for sure.

And mothers are no exception to the struggle of humanity.

After all, there’s a great quote that sums it up — that mothers are only as happy as their unhappiest child.

Well isn’t THAT the truth?

In this week’s podcast, I’m talking about the 2 myths that prevent us from really caring for ourselves — and how those choices we make impact us, our family and generations to come.

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Inspiration inside this Episode

  • What are the two self-care myths?
  • Why we have to learn to care for ourselves.
  • Self-care can be more simple than we make it.
  • Saying yes to ourselves is vital.
  • What happens when we carry resentment?
  • What is Maternal Separation Anxiety?
  • What can we do instead of leaving our kids for self-care?

Resources Mentioned Inside this Episode

The Abundant Mama Project Home Study Workbook & Program

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