Missed moments.

So many missed moments.

Doing this. Planning that. Going here. Stressing about that.





What does it mean to be a present parent?

I have led hundreds of women on their own journey to present, playful and peaceful motherhood through the Abundant Mama Project Program now available to you in a home study version to do in the cozy comfort of your home — unplugged and quiet.

I have always been a better mother when I use the tools in the program that help you be a more present parent. Always.

The program — and all the coaching work I offer — is designed to Inspire YOU to not let another moment pass by. Inspire you to remember why you love being a mother. Inspire you to be that mom who is strong and steady yet soft and warm. Inspire you to slow things down and do what feels right.

So, if being present should be the goal, why is being a mindful mother so hard?

If I know why it’s so wonderful, why can’t I be that intentional mother I set out to be each day?

Sure, we know how great it is supposed to be for our family life, but putting into practice is really, really hard.

You’re not alone. I work with hundreds of moms in my online program and on the first day of class they almost all give the very same reason for being in the program:

“I want to be more present.”

In today’s podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show I’m talking about this very topic. Check out my latest lesson in the 13 Parenting Lessons from 13 Years of Parenting series!

Listen now.


What you can learn from this episode:

  • What stops us from being present at home?
  • How does being distracted impact our family lives?
  • What is the vicious cycle that keeps popping up when we aren’t focused and deliberate with our time?
  • Can we expect to be mindful every second of our day?
  • What it means to put the time in and why it’s a vital parenting lesson.

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