Lately, glimpses of parenting going right have been unfolding before my eyes.

My daughters telling me about friends they are no longer hanging out with because they are doing unethical things like smoking and drinking or having sex too early.

Our girls choosing to arrange their own evening plans when they will be home alone.

And, little things like, asking for help to change their sheets without me nagging. 🙂

Over these 13 years and as a family wellness coach who has worked with hundreds of moms over the years to design the ideal home environment and family wellness practices, I know how hard parenting can be and how thankless the job is but I also know how amazing it can feel when it all starts to feel like it’s falling into place.

The truth is that parenting — when done well — is hard. It’s a lot of work. It requires putting in a lot of time.

But building that legacy and really truly setting the stage for a happy, thriving family is powerful, life-changing work.

Earlier this year, I hosted a 13-part blog podcast series sharing 13 parenting lessons from 13 years of parenting after my twin daughters turned 13. This post is a roundup of those episodes so they are stored in one nice, tidy place for reference, especially for my private coaching clients who are seeking to have a calm voice in their head as they are parenting difficult children.

In my family wellness coaching, my goal is to help you set very personal goals that empower YOU and lead you to a place of flourishing but often we can’t do that until we dig into your family culture and system to see what is working (and not working) that may be preventing you or your family from fully thriving in mind, body and spirit.

These lessons are just a few tidy soundbites that I use frequently in my own daily parenting journey and what I share with others.

13 Parenting Lessons from 13 years of Parenting

  1. Trust Yourself | Listen Now
  2. Worry About Yourself | Listen Now
  3. Let them be Little | Listen Now 
  4. Peace Begins with You | Listen Now
  5. Just Say Yes | Listen Now 
  6. Work on Yourself | Listen Now 
  7. Put the Time In | Listen Now
  8. Give Space | Listen Now
  9. Be the Gardener | Listen Now
  10. Mother from Abundance | Listen Now
  11. Let them Fail | Listen Now
  12. Just Be Kind | Listen Now
  13. Choose Your Battles Wisely | Listen Now 

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