In my work as a life and parenting coach, I’ve met many moms around the world.

Each mom has a set of beautiful, unique beliefs.

But the one common factor is always that moms want the absolute best for their children.

The best.

Nothing short of amazing.

And they also want their children to be the best.

This is, of course, not new.

But what is becoming more of a common practice is pushing our children to being perfect and doing everything perfect.

And the stress of that is truly adding up. 

As part of the foundation of our Abundant Mama work, we work on four pillars — one of which is trust.


Before we can truly trust, we have to recognize our children as being enough as they are … and not try to control who they are becoming.

This is hard.

They are going to be imperfect.

They are going to be just fine.

Listen to this latest podcast on The Abundant Mama Show offering another parenting tip in my series 13 Parenting Lesson from 13 years of Parenting.

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