When we wake up in the morning, we’re full of hope. Today we’re going to get it right. Today we’re not going to make any mistakes with our kids.

Today we’re going to do everything right.

No yelling.

No mistaken words.

No harsh tone.

No belittling, or sarcasm or negativity.

And yet … we’re thrown curve balls after curve balls.

It starts with not knowing what to wear. Or how to fix their hair. And then it spirals.

A forgotten water bottle.

Lost lunch.

Each moment offers us a chance to be missionaries of peace and love and kindness.

But we don’t always trust ourselves to do what we know is right.


I’ve been on this mothering journey for about a decade. I am sure that a few years from now, I could add to this list. But, for now, I really wanted to write a post that gives any mother a little sigh of relief about a touchy topic.

Trusting yourself.

I talk a lot about putting away the parenting books and the parenting magazines and just using your intuition on knowing what’s right for this moment. I believe strongly that we’ll never have the same experiences as parents. Our family cultures vary more than our backgrounds do. What’s good for you won’t necessary be good for me.

But, we can all trust ourselves more and support each other more greatly. That’s what we do in The Abundant Mama Project.

That’s what we should all do as mothers.

But how? I know you’re saying that. I suck at this. I can’t do it very well. I messed up, again.


just let go by reganne

Here are 12 Ways to Trust Yourself as a Mother:

Trust that you know more than you think you do. — You always do.

Trust that this moment will pass. — When you are literally trying to find the breath that’s been knocked out of you with fear or wiping the tears from sadness or cleaning away your anger and frustration, it helps to know that this is just a bad moment, not a bad life.

Trust they love you. — They really do.

Trust they will be fine. — I’ve said this before. It’s worth repeating. Your children are fine.

Trust in your dreams. They are talking to you. — Listen to them.

Trust when you want to say yes. — Say it more than you think you should for your sake.

Trust when you need to say no. — You know when it’s just not the right time or when something’s not fitting or when it just doesn’t feel good.

Trust in the power of a good slow day even if means cancelling everything. — Cancel everything. The world will still spin tomorrow.

Trust their love is more powerful than their words. — Love comes in many, many forms and often is shouted in I hate you.

Trust children know what is best for themselves. — Show them you trust them. Just show them.

Trust the strength you hold inside of you — for the hardest of hard. – You must believe in your own power. You are immensely strong.

Trust that you will sleep again, go out again, walk freely again, create again … your dream will come true if you stick with it. — There is great wisdom in going to bed as soon as the children are in bed.

What are some ways in which you need to TRUST right now?

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