We are wrapping up our seventh week of sheltering in place and I can say that overall I have a strong control of my anxiety and emotions and that feels super great right now.

In addition to homeschooling and home tending and client work, my personal focus continues to be on working on managing my Highly Sensitive and EXTREMELY empathic tendencies for greater positive energy and strength AND staying focused on my own bigger life goals because I’m a better person when I have good things to work toward. 

As an empath, I have to be careful to guard my energies basically with my life and so keeping my spirits up is the foundation of that. Early in the pandemic, I lost my way on this and paid a huge health price and now I know how crucial this is for my well-being.

Being strong and calm mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually is my only true goal right now. And as part of that …

Here are my 11 Essentials Boosting My Positivity Right Now … this builds on last week’s list of 11 that was emailed out to subscribers so I hope it’s not repetitive. But, hey, there’s not much NEW right now. 🙂 (Please note that a few of these essentials lead to Amazon affiliate links which just means if you make a purchase, I receive a very tiny commission which supports my reading addiction.)

11 Essentials Boosting My Positivity Right Now

  1. MY HOPE NOTES PROJECT — I absolutely love to write inspirational, spiritual pieces and it’s how I ended up as successful as I have been on the Internet. I love to write poetry-like notes that move people. Hope Notes for Difficult Times is a simple way for me to reach into your heart and help you to heal. SIGN UP TO RECEIVE HOPE NOTES HERE.
  2. STRETCHING MY BODY — Specifically, I’m loving the Morning Yoga with Kassandra (This is one of the many beautiful resources shared in my membership community and we’re all just loving it.)
  3. TEA TIME: Call me old school but Green Tea is still an essential for me. However, on the days when I need a total indulgence, I whip up a Chai from this divine mix and THAT is seriously my happy place.
  4. GETTING LOST IN STORIES — We have another family reading challenge going this year and I’m in the lead. I will always choose a piece of beautiful literature to get lost in before a show. One of my daughters is a voracious reader but she’s been sidetracked by teenager impulses and not reading as much. Staying in the lead is essential for me. 🙂 This was my latest book love moment and I am so sad that it ended.
  5. GAME TIME — Family game time is essential. When we make it happen, we are always better for it. Beating my husband – who is super competitive and refuses to lose any game — is essential for me. My FAVE game personally is Machi Koro. I learned how to beat my husband by watching him win so many times early on.
  6. LEARNING TO CHILL OUT — I’m going to share more on this but learning to chill out about my teenagers life experience right now is an essential. These are not easy times and my expectations of what their long days at home are not in alignment with reality. Learning to know the difference has been huge for me. Also looking forward to reading this new book by my friend Rachel Macy Stafford over at The Hands Free Revolution. Because, teenagers.
  7. FOCUSING ON BEING SUPER BENDY — This is work I’ve been teaching for many years and it’s rooted in acceptance of what is as well as being OPEN to what’s to come. I cannot wait to dig into this more in May when I know it’s going to be super important for all of us. Want to work with me on this? GOING WITH THE FLOW IS OUR MAY THEME INSIDE WAKE UP AND THRIVE. REGISTER NOW TO JOIN US!
  8. USING MY BRAIN — A big part of my coaching work with moms who are ready to reinvent themselves and focus on their dreams has to do with helping them believe that they are capable of so much more than just being a mom. These days it feels a lot like many of us are stuck in a place of cooking and tending but I know that THAT feels too limiting and isn’t healthy for me. So, I’ve been really focused on my personal development and growth and I’m seeing that pay off in huge ways. It’s never a good idea to sink too far into the present moment.
  9. READING AND WRITING POETRY — Every Saturday, I host a women’s gathering and I look forward to the connection but mostly I look forward to wowing the ladies with poetry and other pieces of inspiration. It lifts my heart to bring this kind of healing to people. I share a lot of poems in my membership as we all find poetry to be super powerful. This more silly one has my attention right now but typically I seek out very healing, spiritual poetry.
  10. EATING LIKE A GODDESS — I use a lot of Goddess talk in my membership community and in my coaching because once women start seeing their worth as being vital and important they become Goddesses in my book. For me, eating like a goddess is simple. Clean. Healthy. Radiant foods. Not dieting. My lunch is often a spinach salad with feta, chickpeas and a touch of olive oil and sea salt with a 7-grain roll that I dip into seasoned olive oil. This is not low calorie. It’s fierce sustenance for a long journey ahead.
  11. MY CREWS — Staying connected to my upward spiral crews is essential. I’ve learned so much in the past year about true friendships vs. faux friendships and what I need to uplift me. What really matters for me is having a small crew of people I am fully aligned with and who is on the same plane as I am in personal growth. Working toward a common goal IS the best possible support we can ever find in our lives. I’ve developed two-three strong crews like this for myself this past year. AND –> This is why we always have ONE theme to focus on each month in my membership community. That focus really lifts us ALL up and it’s powerful.

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