“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

10 Ways to Elevate the Ordinary

I meet a lot of exhausted moms in my travels. The look on their faces is usually the same: rundown, zapped and ready to fall into bed.

Early in my mother days, I felt the same way. I had that same look. Anyone who is juggling a couple children, a business or career and a home is bound to find themselves frazzled.

These days, it’s being called Mommy Burnout.

The truth is that there are so many things that create this feeling of burnout. You can feel it if you work full-time or if you work-at-home. You can feel it when your work is taking care of the children all day.

And, you can feel it if you don’t have any kids at all.

What I learned really early on is that this feeling of burnout is not just about the kids.

It’s not their fault we’re exhausted from over-extending ourselves WHILE trying to raise children.

We’re exhausted from running on auto-pilot doing all the things we think society is telling us we should be doing.

But, the truth is that there many little things we can do each day to ward off parenting exhaustion. I’ve been every kind of mother — the working, the stay-at-home and the work-at-home and my happiest days are when I’ve managed to work a few things in that make my day sparkle — that simply elevate the ordinary, rather than just running on auto-pilot.

I created a list of my own 10 Ways to Elevate the Ordinary and I’d like to share it with you. Doing these things repeatedly helps me feel less tired and, actually, adds a little zing to my day. This is not my self-care list … these are simple things I can do each to make sure I have a joy-filled day rather than a frazzled day.

1. Use my favorite coffee mug.
2. Grab a notebook and pen and doodle or journal.
3. Plan out my day, including the fun parts.
4. Work on my gratitude practice.
5. Go outside and take three really big deep breaths.
6. Say yes (or, at least why not!)
7. Make time for playing.
8. Turn up the music and dance. Move my body. And smile while doing so.
9. Set out to make my children or husband smile.
10. Seek out light. Anything works — sunshine, candles, twinkle lights.

Please add your own ideas in the comments. 

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