At first I wanted to write 3 things we can joyfully miss out on. Then I realized that after I wrote three, I was just getting started. Hence 10 Things You Can Joyfully Miss Out On This Holiday Season.

In this week’s Abundant Mama Show episode on the podcast, I’m getting into a really fun topic. This is a topic that we talk about a lot in the Abundant mama Peace Circle. This topic is about the fear of missing out — or FOMO as it’s affectionately considered in some circles.

And, then there is its sister, JOMO – the joy of missing out that we are always working on in the Peace Circle as well.

With that in mind, I wanted to talk about this concept in relation to this time of the year when the holiday season is upon us and we’re feeling compelled to do all the things, to be all to everyone, and to create the magic that we want for ourselves in the meantime.

It’s funny as I record this podcast it is not lost on me that I have a sticky note with up to 10 meetings that I have been requested to attend in the month of December for volunteer work. Perhaps you, too, feel compelled to help out a lot this season. At the end of the day there may be many things we don’t feel we can let go of and so we have to get creative.

Very creative, in fact.

In my work as a family wellness coach and mindfulness mentor, I help women find their sweet spot between doing and being. We ALL have a lot to do. We’re busy women, of course.

But that doesn’t mean we have to waste our time on matters that just suck up our good energy.

And that’s where this list begins and ends — with making sure we keep our good energy about us all season long.

So, let’s talk now about what we can proudly and joyfully miss out on this season.

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First, we can miss out on creating the perfect holiday card.

Some people aren’t even sending cards anymore and I know for me last year that was one of those things I had to let go of for my own sanity. This year, though, I want this to be a big part of our values as a family. Slow and simple. In fact, I paused preparing this podcast and googled CHEAP Christmas cards and made a fast and easy card from Vistaprint. (affiliate link) Not fancy. Just done and done. I took the picture of my girls myself. No one matched. We don’t have the perfect backdrop. But … what matters is in the photo. They are, of course, the best gifts of the season anyway.

We can joyfully miss out on the perfectly decorated rooms and the perfectly decorated tree and the perfectly decorated presents.

And we can remind ourselves that it’s not about what it looks like, it’s about what it feels like. We can keep it simple and bring out only what delights us — unless you are my daughter who thinks every single thing has to be out no matter what.

We can joyfully miss out on trying to be all things to all people.

I know this comes up a lot with many of my clients to feel that they need to go along with what their sisters and brothers want, what their parents want, with their grandparents want, with the traditions of their own childhood… Etc. And I have delightfully said what I will do this month and what I will not do. It’s been easy.

We can joyfully miss out on the holiday season being just one way.

And that way is the way we see it in all unfolding in our heads. This just came up and a live chat that we held for our members inside my group coaching community, The Peace Circle. What we realized is that much of the stress and the expectations we have around the holidays stem from an image we carry in our minds and when we let go of that image or that fantasy or that dream we realize everything is just fine the way it is — as it is.

We joyfully miss out on the comparisons of what’s under our tree.

And what’s on our table and in our rooms and in the stockings … compared to the neighbor down the street or the distant relatives, or the cousins, or even our friends.

We can joyfully let go of not feeling like we do enough.

Or buy enough and just settle into pure contentment for the season of just being together. We can relish in each other’s company. We can find the light in our children’s laughter and we can hold each others hands to stay warm.

We can miss out on expecting our children to be perfect little angels.

We can let go of the crazy expectations we have during a time of year that is filled with disrupted routines, excitement, anticipation, joy, and many sugary foods.

We can miss out on the idea that the holidays have to be perfect

Or that every gift under the tree has to be perfect and fit our exact values. And then there is this: We get to make up new rules and new traditions and new ways of doing things.

We can miss out on the busyness.

We can say no to things that stresses out, that don’t fill us up, and that distract us from the intention of the holiday season. we can miss out on some of those social engagements. We can miss out on some of the seasonal traditions in order to have space and slow days of drinking hot chocolate around the tree.

And finally we can miss out on trying to make the holiday season like last year or like the childhood holiday season that we had.

We can make it up as we go. and we can create a new magical season that fits who we are right now this year and maybe next year it’ll be different and that’s okay. we can miss out on trying to make this year like all the others. We can just stay present and really close our eyes and ask ourselves what do we need this year?

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