When I was pregnant, I remember a very vivid conversation I had with my mom.

She was packing up to move 700 miles away. Our time was limited.

I was a very miserable twin mama-in-waiting — with a stomach so huge I am not sure how I managed to get around.

“I’m tired,” I said.

“You’re going to be tired for the next 18 years,” she responded.

Those words stung.

Could she be right?

Would I always feel tired?



If you are a mother, you are tired. There’s really no way around it. Of course, there’s sleep-deprived by two crying infants tired and just plain tired from trying to do it all.

What I’ve learned, though, as I live as slowly as possible — as I wrote about in my book Savoring Slow — is that it’s not about WHAT needs to be done. It’s about HOW you do it all.

And when I practice my Savoring Slow habits — and use my Abundant Mama tools — I don’t feel that tired. Honestly.

Still, when you’re tired, your tired. And that can lead to burn out, which then easily leads to the Land of Bitter and Sour.

This modern mother sticking point of needing to do all the things but craving more time for rest is definitely creating overwhelm and burnout and tired, exhausted families.



5 Simple Truths Tired Moms Forget All About

  1. You don’t have to do everything. You just have to do what is most important. But there’s also good news. There’s hope. As tired as we become, we don’t have to do all the things. All the things … can be simplified and reduced. Delegated. Hired out. Deleted from the list.
  2. Pausing, resting and doing nothing is often the BEST thing we can do for ourselves. It makes us BETTER in the end. Taking time to recharge — even just 10 minutes — will make us more effective.
  3. Moving slowly is a beautiful habit to start doing right now. It’s never too late to just do everything at a slower pace. Slower driving. Slower cleaning. Slower connection. Slower showers.
  4. Our kids need us to model slow living. Their brains are so excited for everything and all the things! For them to slow down, we must model it and be OK with not doing so much. We need to teach them that it is OK to not be involved in everything so they don’t grow up with the fear of missing out blasting in their heads all the time.
  5. The most beautiful to-do list item is always spending time down on the floor with the kids. I’ve never NOT thought that was the best way to spend part of my day. When I have no idea what needs to be done or the list is just overwhelming, it helps to do the very thing I am here to do — be the mom. Connect. Engage. And just be present. As hard as it is, being present is the one thing that makes me feel like a rockstar mom every. single. time. (unless they kick me out of the room, which happens more and more these days.:)
YOUR TURN –> Share ONE truth that you need to remember right now to feel more energized to keep going in your day.


5 Simple Truths Tired Moms Forget All About

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