I realized this past weekend that the idea of a “New Year, a New You” isn’t about resolutions and goals and words of the year.

It’s about happiness.

We all get complacent by year’s end and we start to crave ways to break up the monotony. We need change for change’s sake.

Why not be open to a clean slate?

Why not be proud to make changes to the inner and outer parts of ourselves?

I am a big fan of making changes. I do it all year – and I lead women around the world to do the same — all in the name of loving the life we have right now.

It’s not about the goals or changing WHO we are … It’s about the journey. It’s about mixing life up to feel absolutely fun again. It’s about finding happiness right where we are right now.

And, in my experience, happiness is much easier to achieve when we’re not overloaded with clutter, or excess weight that doesn’t feel good or too many things on our schedule.

So, don’t be sorry for your goals, your ambitions, your resolutions.

Be open. Be ready to embrace. Be accepting of your life as it is with the daily intention of just being fully alive.

Like one big giant pot of life, we have to stir and stir often. Keep it interesting.

Encourage You on Your 10 Posts to Encourage Your Happy Motherhood Journey


We’re all just looking for ways to wake up and feel alive, which just happens to be the whole point of this project, by the way. To feel alive. To find the magic. To wake up. To sing the song of joy.

I meet so many mothers who have had the JOY zapped out of them, who are just busy doing the hard work of raising kids, working their careers and not enjoying this one precious life they’ve been given.

We have to learn to take leaps. To soar through our days with one absolute intention — to just enjoy being here.

Call in mindfulness. Call it being present.

I call it being awake. And being awake makes me happy.

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Discuss: What does your Happy Motherhood Journey include right now?

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10 posts to encourage your happy motherhood journey

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