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I have this crazy parenting philosophy that believes that in order to have happy childhood, a child needs to make a mess and get dirty.

I don’t mean they have to live in a messy house. I mean a childhood filled with good old-fashioned merry mess-making is bound to be a happy one. Awake parents sink into the chaos and the mess that children love to create and even play along. Awake parents live in the moment and are grateful for the experience to create alongside their children — or just watch how absorbed the child becomes in experimenting with messy conditions. These sort of meaningful moments can, by far, be some of the most memorable.

If you’ve never allowed your child to make a huge mess, please reconsider. There are plenty of cleaner messes than the ones I’m listing here. In fact, if you want clean art projects, check out this great collaboration of ideas.

If you love a good mess, I’d love for you to share your own favorite messes with me.

In no particular order, below is my list of 10 Messy Moments Every Child Should Have.  


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