My absolute favorite private coaching client is the woman who has been so tied up in motherhood that she feels as if she has lost herself — and then together we dig her out of the rubble.

Motherhood is all-consuming. And, rightfully so. Raising beautiful, healthy and thriving children takes work. It’s a huge undertaking.

And so if you have ever struggled with your identity and purpose in motherhood, you are not alone. This post is for you.

Nearly every one of my clients has felt like they are not enough.

Nearly every one of my clients has struggled to fit in.

Nearly every one of my clients has felt like she lost herself in the process of motherhood.

There is nothing better than when a mom wakes up and realizes SHE matters.

In this week’s podcast episode, I am sharing 10 Lessons on Identity and Purpose in Motherhood that I’ve learned from 14 years of motherhood.

This wraps up this series I’ve been discussing and today’s episode walks you through 10 affirmations that I feel every mother needs to consider when it comes to identity and purpose in motherhood.

Listen now.


  1. Be You
  2. Be the Mom
  3. Be the Light
  4. Step into the light
  5. Keep Dancing
  6. Let your Soul Shine
  7. Step into your Becoming
  8. Don’t let anger be your identity
  9. Live your Values
  10. Influence YOUR world

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