Are you tired of feeling like you don’t do enough?

10Habits-ebook-smRaising children is a challenging job.

But living a full life while raising children in this modern world is just plain demanding.

If you are anything like me you might even feel like you’re not enough because you are never doing enough?

We really do want to do it all.

I’ve been working with hundreds of busy moms around the world for years and what they keep telling me is this: “I just want to be present for my kids.”

Yes. Me, too.

I analyzed all of my best Abundant Mama case studies and watched what was working for them — and myself.

I discovered these 10 Habits — which aren’t like most parenting habits you’ll find — are the secret to being present for your family AND still getting things done.

Because homes don’t run themselves. And mothers don’t have endless amounts of time OR energy.

We need to be strategic.

 Ready to be Intentional AND Productive?

For the past decade, I’ve been teaching hundreds of women around the world to live the Abundant Mama Way, which gives them more love for motherhood, more time for themselves and helps them fall in love with family life.

The thing about busy, modern moms — who value a meaningful and intentional life — is that we need to create the time and space for what we need to do AND what we want to do so that we can feel that elusive balance we desire.

I created these 10 Habits to work in your family life today and start to find that elusive feeling of balance you crave.

What you will find in this downloadable and printable PDF document are the key habits, why they are important and questions to reflect and use so you can actually start to implement the habits in your life right now.

Good habits are hard to form. But they are also crucial to create the kind of peaceful family life you desire.

The good life begins right now.

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