The Weekend Wake-Up Call

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A while ago, I had been writing weekend roundup posts, and I really loved that concept. Even though I try to live my life celebrating every day, I am a working mama and so I do very much enjoy the freedom that a  good weekend can provide.

Oh, yes. I enjoy it very much.

Weekends offer so much time and possibility that isn’t like the usual weekday madness or being stuck to a confining desk. Weekends, for us, also mean that Awesomely Awake dad will be around more.

Weekends can also be a time of stress. I am consistently less productive on weekends because we are out of our routine. We tend to place higher expectations on our time together as a family so that we don’t waste a single moment. And, sometimes, we over-schedule.

This is all part of that control factor we’ve been focusing on this week. If we can’t even let go on our weekends, what kind of living are we really doing? We have to be willing to miss out on a few things if we want to truly relax and recharge. Loosening our grip on those silly details we obsess over would be a great start to any weekend.

But, at the same time, if you work all week, catching up on errands and having a clean house — finally! — might be what makes you feel better. Just make it a portion of the weekend and not the whole thing.

I’ve tried many ways to balance my weekends. I’ve tried detailed lists. I’ve tried no lists. I’ve tried one-day of work and errands and the other doing not much of anything. Truth is, it all works and none of it works. Now I just enjoy the time without larger-than-life expectations. We usually plan one really fun thing and do one really important thing. The rest of the weekend, we leave to the kids. Of course, I always make time for myself to do something I really want to do as well.

As I head into this weekend, here are some things inspiring me to enjoy an intentional, creative and fun weekend.

  • In true Awesomely Awake spirit, I love this piece “You are already there”  that Heather wrote that questions just how mindful we need to be as parents. It is always a balance.
  • And then there’s Lindsey’s post, “A benediction of what is.” {LOVE THIS}.
  • And, how about Preparing an Earth-Friendly Meal in honor of Earth Day next weekend? Get to the Farmer’s Market this week to prepare or celebrate early! Rebekah at The Golden Gleam did a lovely job with this post.
  • Or, how about a few projects on this Childhood List, where blogger Katie is listing many cool things a childhood should consist of such as arts and crafts and places to go? This is surely a list to return to again and again.
Photo Credit: Zina from Let's Lasso the Moon

Finally, the best Activity: Indoor Camping. Sooo setting this up for the girls this weekend. It’s too cold here to do much else. Zina’s got a great idea here. Or, how about a faux camp out like here at Little Happies:

Now it’s your turn. Share your favorite inspiring posts with this week’s Kids Co-Op. Or, just share what you plan to do this weekend. Or not do!

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  1. We did indoor camping once when I promised my son all week that we’d go, but the weekend turned out to be soggy. We set up the tent in the living room and invited some friends over, although nobody wanted to spend the night in one of our “campsites.” We made smores in the toaster oven and played some games and when everybody left, we went to sleep in the tent. It was great!

    • I, personally, think indoor camping is the best camping. lol I love the idea and know that my girls will enjoy it since we went away last weekend. this weekend will be special, too!

  2. So lovely to find my post among the other beautiful posts you have shared.

    I like the idea of just having one thing you want to do and one thing you must get done over the weekend, and leaving the rest of the weekend free to enjoy your kids.

    I am a stay at home mom, and I still have expectations of the weekend that are different than a weekday even if my husband is still working. Even if we are doing things that I enjoy on the weekdays, these higher expectations of weekends make me think the same activity is boring just because it falls on a weekend. You have reminded me that I need to appreciate the weekends even if they are not any different than the weekdays. I can still find the same fulfillment from then on a weekend.

  3. We also have a lot of those same issues with weekends. I second Rebekah, I love the idea of one fun thing and one important thing each weekend. I feel like that would be a good frame of mind for our weekends. Thanks you for including us in such good company!

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