Family time just got a lot more fun.

The Playful Family ebook offers nearly 100 ways to connect, engage and play together.

“The Playful Family” encourages and challenges busy parents to slow down and spend quality time together with their children, regardless of their age.

It makes playing as a family fun.

This easy-to-read e-book is a must-have resource for any parent interested in becoming more playful and happy while raising children. Each chapter includes dozens of ideas as well as a challenge to motivate families to put their own ideas to work in real life.

The Playful Family Kindle Edition

Playful families are living life fully every day, not just working 9 to 6. They smile together and dance together. They play together and cook together. They have fun together. Evenings and weekends are filled with experiences of connectedness and engaging conversations – rather than everyone hiding behind their computer screen or the TV.

Nearly 100 family activities for just $2.99!


Here’s what moms say about “The Playful Family.”

“Even though I would consider our family to be a ‘playful family’ I still found pratcical suggestions to engage in play with my children. From being a scary character in role play to mixing up your routine. As well as providing ideas to play and be playful there are also tips to connect- ideas to help you celebrate the everyday and the extraordinary (my favorite being a memory jar).”

The Fairy and the Frog.

“I really enjoyed reading The Playful Family, on making play (and a playful spirit) a part of parenting. It’s a message that I needed and that I think many families need.”

Jean at The Artful Parent

“After reading the e-book called The Playful Family, by Shawn Ledington Fink from Awesomely Awake, I have been thinking a lot about playtime, and what it means in our family.”

Zanni at Heart Mama

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