The 1,000 Pleasures of Parenting

It’s easy to let the worries and stresses of parenting take over. But, when we live our life full of abundance, we’re seeing things differently. We’re noticing the amazingness in those things we literally see 100 times in a childhood.

I’ve watched my girls do these things a hundred times, at least. Each time, I stop and noticed and stand in awe.

They are mine. We did this. They are amazing.

One hundred times I’ve …

  • Watched as their little hands cup around a tiny glass to drink.
  • Saw their eyes light up at the smallest wonders … shimmery lights, a fresh blanket of snow, worms on the sidewalk or bright red cardinals in the tree.
  • Laughed as their hairs stood on end with a great bout of static electricity either inside a warm winter coat or coming down a plastic slide.
  • Brushed their long, silky hair with my hand to serve as a brush, a comfort, a way for me to stay close to them.
  • Read silly, happy, angry handwritten notes that they’ve created by themselves for me.
  • Shared their joy as they’ve eaten things like cotton candy, cookies dipped in milk, chocolate shell on ice cream.
  • Squealed with happiness at their love of petting kittens, dogs, goats, rabbits, chicks, chickens, and other animals that they adore.
  • Take pictures of them in our front yard tree, in our backyard pool, on our front porch all showing me how they’re growing before my eyes.
  • Sit in absolute awe as I rub my hand backwards on their legs, noticing the hair that has grown there just this past year.
  • Reveled in the kisses and hugs that say hello, good-bye, goodnight, good job, I’m sorry, you’re OK and I love you.

  How about you? What pleasures have you witnessed a hundred times and hope to witness a hundred more?

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7 Responses to The 1,000 Pleasures of Parenting

  1. I love holding their hands, since they were toddlers (now 6 and 11). I love their wit and laughter when they come up with something that makes you and them laugh.

  2. I love seeing their little lips close around a juice box straw and sip. I love that my body is a mountain and a playground to them. I love that they love to "help" in any task. I love their warmth, smell, softness and sleepy eyes when they wake up and call "moooommmmm."

  3. I love the way they say "I wub (love) you". How we hug and kiss, tucking each of them in individually so we can talk about their day, cuddling on the couch.I love the excitement they get over doing/seeing something new.

  4. I love to watch his grin each morning when I turn the world on for him (put in his hearing aides). How he rubs his hands together and shakes his head back & forth when he's excited. Hearing his happy laughter!

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