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Every Sunday, for two years, I have published a post here.

And, this year, I’ve done so with a year-long series of how to stay awake.

This week, the 45th week of the project, I’m going to challenge you to pay it forward, which is exactly what I’m doing.

Pay for the coffee for someone behind you. Send a gift card to a friend. Bake cookies for a neighbor. Do something kind.

Serve at the soup kitchen. Send a note of thanks to someone.

Because this is truly the best, most yummy way to stay awake. To make someone smile. To make someone’s day. To do a kind deed for no reason.

This is thanksgiving and oh how I wish it was all year long.

How does one thank so many people?

That’s what’s been going through my mind since I realized the second anniversary of this space — and my creative work — was fast approaching on Nov. 17.

Just two years ago today, this space didn’t exist. It was only an idea for something bigger that I was on the verge of — that I had been on the verge of for many, many years — but I had no idea about the what or the how or the when. I was home for Thanksgiving break with my girls while my husband worked out of town. We were busy being the creative bodies we love to be in our cooler weather downtime. Paint. Glue. Paper. Music.

And so, I scribbled on paper after paper. Jotted notes.

And wrote. And wrote.

And published.

From there, the Universe took over. I connected with so many lovely people all over the world.

So many bloggers and business mamas and e-course creators, and coaches linked to this site time and time again.

And you — fabulous readers — walked through my door. And you stayed a while. You tweeted and linked and shared, too.

And I just want to thank all of YOU.

Gratitude isn’t quite strong enough.

This space has changed my entire life. I found MY voice. I found MY calling. I found MY passion.

I quit my full-time job in May to make more time to be here, to help change families lives’ as part of my bigger mission — to spread peace in this world, one family at a time.

Over the next couple of months, you will see a dramatic make-over here — not just the space, but in my own vision of what I am creating here. I have stories to tell — stories I finally feel confident in telling. I have new posts to write — posts that have been sitting on my heart for a long time.

But, first I want to thank you for being here and showing up every week. So, I have teamed up with some amazing people to offer a week of giveaways. Each day will highlight an amazing Mama who is doing her best to spread peace and happiness in the world, too. I wanted to honor them, their work and their kind souls.

And, every day for the next week, you can visit, leave a comment and at the end of the day, a random generator will choose one winner. I hope you win.

So, over the next week, return every single day and enter that day’s raffle. I want you to win a gift. There will be many books of poetry, parenting e-books, e-courses — including my own — offered as prizes. I’m just going to keep at it until I have nothing more to give. Oh, and tell your friends. Share this post. Tweet it. Facebook it. Pin it. Google + it. And all that jazz.

We begin tomorrow!

Happy Thanks & Giving Week!


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    • It is a very hard practice, especially if you’ve had any misfortune. You should check out my e-course The Abundant Mama Project. We have so many mamas in there who feel the same as you when they enter and then they come out at the end with a definite more positive outlook on their life.

  1. […] I am so honored to have Kathy Stowell offering a place in her Simplicity Parenting course as well as a really wonderful 20 percent off to all of my lovely readers using the promo code AWESOMEDEAL for today’s Thanks & Giving giveaway. […]

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