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Learn to shift gears

 What if you shifted your attitude just for a moment, and felt grateful that you live in the midst of this family, with all of its stickiness and disorder? ~Denise Roy

My life is full of imperfect perfect moments.

The sink is full of dirty dishes and I should be happy we had food to eat and a family to eat it with.

When toys are strewn across the floor I should be happy that they were so focused on play.

When piles of clothes sit in a corner I wish I could remember how thrilled they were when they put on their third outfit for the day.

Perhaps an attitude adjustment is all it might take to turn this around. A new mindset that everything is perfect.  A simple shift in perspective.

It’s not always easy to see chaos as being perfect.

It’s not always easy to smile through sleep deprivation, temper tantrums and picky eating phases. It’s not always natural to laugh at the potty training messes, the waking in the middle of the night for no reason or the brand new sweater that was lost. It’s often a struggle to deal with bedtime woes, personality clashes and the begging — oh, the begging.


We lost our temper. We raised our voice. We yelled. We said things we wish we didn’t say. We did things we wish we didn’t do. We had a list of things we wanted to get done and couldn’t. We wanted things our way and that didn’t work out. We had expectations and had to toss them out the window.


In a fit of anger, she told me she hates me, that she wishes I wasn’t her mother.


In a groggy state of tired fussiness on the way home from a birthday party, she cried about not being able to see many birds today. With the sky pitch black and only the moon to shine above us, no consolation in sight for a birdless night.


Every moment is perfect. Perfect being just the way they need to be right now. Perfect being full of mistakes. Perfect being huge lessons learned. Perfect being trial and error — mostly error. Perfect being oh so wrong that it hurts. Perfect being oddly funny but not so you have to stifle your tears of laughter.

Perfect being sweet, adorable and maddening all at once.

If every moment is perfect than all we need to do is Trust.

We need to remember that the children are, indeed, fine.

We just need to stay calm.

Find our peace.

Maintain some ounce of energy in our day.

Notice the beauty of our life right now.

And be grateful for it all.

Grateful for the imperfect moments that, with the right amount of open eyes and open hearts, are absolutely, awesomely perfect — because they are all ours. All of them.

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