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Three Questions to Start Your Day Off Right

Three Questions to Start Your Day Off Right

You open your eyes.

You rise up out of bed.

You take a few deep breaths. Maybe catch a glimpse of the clutter all around that needs to be addressed.

Your mind quickly goes to the do, do, doing of living and keeping a life, a family, a home.

But mornings are sacred. They are powerful. They can set the tone for the day ahead.

How should you really begin?

What should you do first?

How should your day unfold?

I love working with busy women who feel like they are stuck. Stuck in a place where they have no options to feel anything but tired, overwhelmed, unappreciated and frustrated.

As a family wellness coach, I love showing them they can absolutely have it another way. They are not stuck. They give live …

Intentionally. Beautifully. Slowly. Achingly slowly, in fact.

The solution is pretty simple.

Take time to get to know yourself. Take time to listen. Take time to believe in what you need. Take time to slow down and just be with yourself. This is what we do as Abundant Mamas because it feels good. It feels delicious, in fact.

When I wake up, the first thing I often do is grab my personal self-discovery journal and start digging deep into my still very tired subconscious mind — which is a thriving garden of ideas.

The key, though, is truly to tap into your subconscious first thing in the morning — before you do just about anything else.

Three Questions to Start Your Day Off Right


Three Questions to Start Your Day Off Right

#1 — How do I want to feel today?

Straight from heart, if we can name it, we can BE it. The first step toward feeling alive and living abundantly is in knowing the path you want to take. So the first question should always be, How do I want to feel today? And then create a day around those desired emotions and feelings.

#2 — Who needs my attention the most today?

We cannot possibly give 100 percent to everyone who needs us each day. But there are days when there is easily ONE person who just truly needs our attention the most. Maybe the child who has been acting out or the partner who has been long ignored for more pressing matters. Asking “Who needs me the most today?” and then setting aside time in your day for that person will change your outlook from good to great.

#3 — When will I take care of myself?

Every single one of us gets busy. Busy helping others. Meeting deadlines and goals. Caring for those who need us right now. Cleaning and organizing and thinking and brainstorming. It all adds up and our time for ourselves easily passes by without notice. Asking “When will I take care of myself?” allows you to at least consider a few moments in your day that will be just for you.

I can’t count the number of times I woke up without a purpose, without a plan, without an intentional path to follow.

And those days are always the ones where I get to the end and regret NOT doing what mattered most.

Taking a few moments to go deep within ourselves to get to our WHYs is truly worth the extra time — and energy.

These three questions are a great foundation to starting your day off right. They get to the heart of what matters for you for just one day. Tomorrow that list may change, the answers will shift and you will have a different path to follow.

Just for today, you know the way you need to head and that is a very satisfying way to start.

If you’re not sure what to do with the answers to your questions, sign up for the next Abundant Mama Project online program. We’ll dig deep and find comforting and nourishing solutions for you to connect with yourself and with those you love.


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Three Questions to Start Your Day Off Right

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