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5 Powerful Actions to Say Yes To Today That Could Change Your Life

5 Powerful Actions to Say Yes To Today That Could Change Your Life

One of the biggest search terms of this site is the word yes.


Yes to that.

Early on I wrote about being a Yes Mama. I still try very hard to live my life with YES at the forefront. Saying yes feels good. Saying yes to doing things differently or meaningfully fills my heart with feelings of abundance.

Yes is an open feeling, a feeling that all of us need in these crazy, modern times.

(I am also a very big fan of no, by the way. Intentional NOs are the foundation of an Abundant Mama lifestyle.)

So, in the spirit of more yeses around here … here are 5 Powerful Actions To Say Yes To Today That Could Change Your Life.


Say YES to getting up early.

I’m not kidding. This concept of Rise and Shine that I began in this community late last summer has been changing thousands of moms lives these past several months. I do it and I’m like a crazy drug pusher on getting that time in in the morning. I love getting emails from moms who haven’t even been through my PAID program telling me that they have really been changed by getting up early. Getting up early is the foundation for a good life, in my opinion. It’s not easy, but when you can make it happen … it’s just a beautiful way to start your day.

Say YES to doing something Crazy Unusual (for you)

I don’t mean jumping out of a plane. I mean something different. Out of the ordinary. Shifting your entire routine around or rearranging the furniture. Or take a day trip. When we mix things up and create new memories, we instantly wake up our senses and create a new path for our mind and emotions. Sometimes, doing something crazy unusual just means not doing the dishes at the regular time. Or, going to bed early (or late). The point is not the what. The point is in the doing.

Say YES to Receiving Your Child’s Help

We need to teach our children to be independent. But we also need to show them we are here for them when they need us. So, weigh each situation carefully but try to say yes to at least one request a day when they want to do something for themselves. Show them you are there for them — even if your answer is, YES, Let’s do that together … knowing you are there creates that safe feeling children need to grow up happy and healthy. So, yes to helping to plant flowers or bake cookies. Yes to hammering a nail or moving furniture to make a room more special.

Say YES to Play

I’m a big fan of playing with my kids. Well, I used to be — until they became tween-agers and now push me out of a room for “privacy” while they play dolls. Such a fine line this playful parenting thing. However, I’m still not afraid to bust a dance move or tell a joke or just sit and read with them. Being there is the first step in being a present parent. Being in the same moment together — even if you are both doing your own thing. Presence is the gift here. And one hour or even a half hour is plenty. A recent study affirms that it’s not the amount of time you spend with your children that helps them grow up healthy and strong but the kind of quality interactions you have with them — even sparingly. So one hour — totally doable. You can then spend the rest of your day doing the other things on this list.

Say YES to Following Your Passion

Years ago, I had a passion for everything motherhood. A friend said, you should start a business around that. I thought she was crazy. Who would care what I had to say? Turns out, when you follow your passion really good things can happen to you. So, passionate about making things? Make them. I love this quote: “You are what you think about all day long,” by Robert H. Schuller. In fact, a little later this week I’m going to share my own story about how following my passion has changed my whole life.

You can also check out Lasso The Moon’s blog post “A Lifetime of Yes Moments” HERE.

What do you want to say YES to today?


Five powerful actions to say yes to today that could change your life

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