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Finding Your Joy as a Mother and Keeping It

Finding Your Joy as a Mother and Keeping It


“Joy is a marvelous increasing of what exists, a pure addition out of nothingness.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Lately, I’ve been thinking about one thing.


And how I just want to feel joy. Every day.

I was in a church service this past weekend that focused on developing a daily joy practice.

You know, all those things you can do to make yourself happy.

Things like dancing and exercising.

You know, things that on a good day I can easily fit in.

The general practice of joy is, in an ideal world, pretty easy.

Count your blessings. Take care of yourself. Be happy.

Yes, all that sounds great.

Except earlier that morning, I had risen early and done everything I know to do to keep my joy and feel happy and centered.

But, my daughter had a different kind of morning. She was in a mood — a mood that would affect the entire family with the “galloping grumps.”

The kind of mood that strips you bare of all joy, if you let it.

I didn’t want that to happen so I pulled myself together and found my Abundant Mama toolbox and started working on myself and my perspective on what the day should hold.


Finding Your Joy as a mother and Keeping it, too.


Finding and keeping our joy really is all about our perspective and changing HOW we view our hardships and the hand we’ve been dealt.

Finding your joy should be really simple and not something that is hard to fit into a busy day with children.

Finding and keeping joy for modern families is not always easy, though.

  • First of all, we have all of this easy access to other peoples’ lives and their joy that can make us feel less than, like our life is not as good.
  • We have long commutes that make for really long days and lots of family disorganization.
  • We have a really high cost of living that leave us penny pinching that only creates more stress.
  • And then there’s those demands of raising modern children who have too many distractions.
  • And we have to face their temper tantrums. And their NOs. And their agendas. And their random fears and anxieties that take over our day (or week).

So, at the end of a really hard day, it can be difficult to dig deep and find joy as mothers.

Really hard.

Our joy really is only as big as our children’s joy each day.

Or so it seems.

That’s exactly why The Abundant Mama Project E-Course and Online Program was created — to help YOU learn to eek out JOY in the hardest moments, on the most challenging days and in the most excruciating circumstances.

It is possible. It doesn’t always feel like it when the house is in chaos, and things are falling apart and breaking … but it is.

The only way I’ve consistently been able to keep my joy in all the highs and lows of life — and parenting — is learning to embrace the life I have without wishing it away.

And this is my Abundant Mama practice of being immensely grateful for the hand I’ve been dealt, learning to take care of myself in the midst of the chaos, figuring out how to let go more and trust myself and others more and surrendering to being a more playful mama so I can proudly and whole-heartedly say yes more.

Living for this moment right now and not for the next one or tomorrow’s is the only way I know to always have joy in my heart.

Keeping your joy should be your main mission in life. But why?

  • You deserve to feel really good. Period. Even in the hardest times. You are here on this earth to feel joy. No challenge big or small should strip you of that right.
  • Your family life will be easier and more pleasant if you are filled with joy in bursts through your day and as often as possible.
  • Role modeling joy just means more joy spreads through your family. And then through your community. And then through the world.
  • Your child deserves to know how to find joy themselves and you can be their Joy Leader.

This is not to say you aren’t allowed to feel sad or angry or frustrated.

I’m not saying that at all.

I’m saying that you WILL absolutely feel those things — and quite often, perhaps — so why not learn to embrace those moments, move through those emotions more quickly and get back to the good stuff.

The joyful stuff.

Your happy place stuff.

Where the happy memories are made …

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Finding your joy as a mother and keeping it

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