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Creating my Want-to-Do List: A Glimpse at What I’m Planning this Month (Episode 4)

Creating my Want-to-Do List: A Glimpse at What I’m Planning this Month (Episode 4)

I write and teach a lot about living intentionally.

And, I also spend a lot of time talking about the beauty of a good, slow life.

I am a strong proponent of the “less is more” approach in just about everything, including how much I stack on my plate in a day and a week.

That said, I do love doing beautiful things and experiencing a good life. So this podcast is all about how I”m intentionally choosing what I want to do this month. I’m sharing what and WHY in the podcast. And links are available below.

I talk all the time in the Abundant Mama Project about learning how to mix in the joy with the everyday. And this list is simply just that.

Taking a productive approach to getting things done — AND being happy.

Life can’t be all about getting things done

And it can’t be all about motherhood.

When we mix the two well, life just feels abundant.

We have to find a nice balance in between being productive and having fun.

That’s what today’s podcast is all about!

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creating a want to do list


My Want-To-Do List for this month


Taking 3-hour breaks each week from writing and creating and just being Shawn. So much of my self is tied up in what I do that I have forgotten what it is like to live a life beyond it.


I’m changing things up around here in the fall in a BIG way. So I’m definitely planning on how that shift is going to happen and I’m super excited about it.


More productive … I get so tired of having so many ebbs and flows with my creative energy. I want to manage it better so that I’m to emotionally connected to my work and so I can get things done no matter how I’m feeling. I’ll be announcing HOW this is going to happen later this month with a new project.


A following on our brand new Abundant Girls website and start posting weekly now that we have it up and running.


My next book outline and draft. :)


I am reading 12 Tribes of Hattie as part of a beautiful new open-minded reading challenge where we are not reading books by the dominant culture. I’ve been totally inspired by this challenge especially since my work around the world with moms in many countries has led me to have more curiosity about the way moms live in other cultures. (Affiliate link. Thanks for your support.)


These Interactive Heart Mandalas with my girls. Love these. Making mandalas and creating them along with coloring is one of my favorite things to do with my girls.


A spa day. This is scheduled … for my birthday this month. The goal here is to do it, even though it’s scheduled.


Treats to my girls’ teachers and friends for valentine’s day


Baltimore Science Center — STEM is important to us. My girls naturally love science. It’s their thing. Perhaps because we’ve raised them in the woods practically. (Actually done! We did this over the weekend after this was recorded.)


How to be a better podcaster. I have interviews lined up and I’m super excited about where this content is going to go this year.


More GREENS. Love this inspiration of salads in a jar. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

In the podcast, I ask YOU to tell me what you plan to START this month. Share in the comments.

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