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Hello, Abundant Mama + BIG NEWS

Hello, Abundant Mama + BIG NEWS

I’m a woman who is pretty much always a work in progress.

Nothing’s ever done. I could fiddle with a project all the way until the end, release it into the world and then change something the next day.

I’m cool with that. It’s how I make things happen rather than getting hung up on imperfection and giving up.

So, earlier this season, I started making some radical changes. Big changes.

It all began over the summer — just a month or so after I quit my full-time job — when my Mother-in-Law asked, in her lovingly but stoic way, “So, what do you do, anyway?”

As much as I have LOVED the name Awesomely Awake — and as much as I believe in living  as awake as possible — the name doesn’t really tell you much.

In fact, I realized this when I handed out a few business cards and had to explain all about how I work to inspire and guide busy mothers to rediscover their happy place.

The name Awesomely Awake doesn’t really fit my work any longer.

But something else has been working: The Abundant Mama Project.

Nearly four hundred mamas have gone through this signature project of mine in the last year. Some have been in it all four times I’ve offered it. Some two or three times. And, for the last few months, it’s had a website of its own, which has been doing really great but it’s not here.

So I’m ready to tell you that over the course of the next few weeks, I am changing the name of my work to The Abundant Mama Project.

Good bye Awesomely Awake

What does this mean?

The look and feel of this site will be changing. But none of the content you read on a weekly basis will change at all.

In fact, I’m stepping up my focus on being a passionate guide and inspiration for mothers who are interested in rediscovering their happy place so they can help their family thrive.

And, I’m doing all of this because mothers are where it’s at.

OK, I just made that up but it’s true!

Seriously. For the last two years, I have been working, writing and striving hard to inspire mothers of all ages, sizes, shapes and backgrounds — and nothing speaks to this passion more than the name The Abundant Mama Project, a name that just truly speaks to my own mama heart.

The writing, the content, the blog posts, the Facebook updates, the Pinterest pins … it will all be the same.

But, there will be a very new look. A very shiny new look.

What does this mean for you?

The big difference is that we are saying good-bye to Awesomely Awake, at least for now.

It will mean that in about two weeks I will be posting all new blog content at the web address: http://AbundantMama.com. If you use Feedly or some other RSS feed system to read this blog you will need to change that when this transition happens. No worries, I’ll let you know when it’s going to happen.

All current links to Awesomely Awake, though, will redirect to the new site so no worries if you forget. I will remind you time and time again as the change takes place.

And, most importantly, all of my emails will soon begin to come from The Abundant Mama Project instead of Awesomely Awake.

Everything else — the writing, the blogging, the ideas, the inspiration —  will remain the same except the new name will offer a lot more opportunities for me to open up and write about more than just being awake.

And that, my friends, feels really, really good.

I envision a lot of new blog posts around time management, living with less while still feeling like a million bucks.

I am very excited and feel like this is the natural path I was meant to take right now. The words awesomely awake will still live on forever … and will probably make their way in a few different forms over the next year. And, I still own the website for a future project that I have percolating in my brain.

So, there you have it.

New but not new. Change but not really that much change. Risk but a good risk. Leaps of faith and trust. And a whole lot of love for mamas to go around and around and around.

And if there’s anything I know I can count on here, it’s the loving support of a bunch of amazing mamas who live all around the world.

What do you think? How do you feel about this change? Feel free to share your thoughts here.


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